Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Big Draw #22 Oriental Girl in Poncho

Day 22 of the Big Draw...I had a break in my work day so I came home and drew this from my book of Poncho Patterns for young girls. This little girl is much prettier in the book, but I am drawing in ink and what goes on the paper stays on the paper... My little girl is still happy with her poncho. I'm really enjoying doing these drawings. It excites me to see what does come out of my pen and it is fun to do.


  1. Oh Lynn, You should be Proud of your work. It is awesome how far you have come in drawing. Look at those Jeans. FABULOUS DARLIN'
    Truely. I hope you never say you can't draw again because it would be a lie. :)))
    Great job.

  2. I like this combo of color and pen. And you did her pose so well. Looks natural. Great outfit.

  3. Okay Cris, I promise never to say I can't draw again. ;-)

    Suki, glad you like it. I like the ocmbo of pen and colored pencils too. It's like I draw the coloring book and then I get to color in it!

  4. Thats what I like about pen-what you see is what you get and we all know that. This turned out wonderful. So much personality.

  5. ha ha she is way cute, you are doing so well.


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