Thursday, October 23, 2008

Surprise Mail; Big Draw #23; Scarf in the making or wall hanging?; Finished Poncho

Look What CAME IN TODAY'S MAIL Today! Rebecca, from the blog The Difference A Year Makes, had a give-away and I entered and won this book! I used to read Shape Magazine years ago. The book looks great. I especially like that it has a lot of yoga poses with explanations of how to do them, as I'd like to add yoga to my current exercise routines. It's also full of very yummy looking healthy recipes. Thank you Rebecca, this is a very generous gift and I will use it. I do appreciate your generosity.
Today is the 23rd day of the Big Draw for the month of October. I am determined to keep going after the month ends as I see improvements and growth in my drawing. And ROOM for MORE IMPROVEMENT!!! ;-) This one was done very quickly this morning from a photo of my GD holding a doll I knit in her image for her. I may add color later. This started out to be a I sort of like it right where it is as a wall hanging...or I may continue, what do you think?
Love those dropped stitches.
And here is the finished poncho I knit with ribbon yarn for my little grand daughter. All done in dropped stitches and knit stitches. Very easy. Very cute don't you think?


  1. Blogger stole my last comment. sigh
    I said that you ARE improving daily and that looks just like your GD. and we need to keep this up a week. like you suggested three times a week. Or I will probably get lazy. :)
    Lovely poncho. GD will love it and the other looks like a tube top to me. :))

  2. Practicing everyday really does make a difference. When I look back at the beginning and currently I am amazed about how sketching everyday improves my skills.

    I like it as a wall-hanging-very abstract and interesting.

  3. Oh what a great book. perfect for you. Congrats..I never win anything.. if there were two only entered I still wouldnt win..:)
    You will have to share any good ideas... :))

  4. That poncho is adorable, and yes...the other item looks like it can be a wall hanging.
    I'm loving the Big Draw - not because I am practicing (which I should be doing like you and Suki and eveyone) but because it is making me think about what I want to do next in my character story. Focus of any kind is good.

  5. what i think is you are miraculous, how many days/hours do you work? and do all of this? do you ever sleep or talk to your DH?

  6. Hey, sounds like a great book full of tips. Rebecca is a charm. Your drawings are great. I love the hair in this one and the patterns on the pants. The body form has weight and substance, like bodies do.

    Love the poncho. Yes, I vote wall hanging. I love the dropped stitches effect.

    I dont know if I'll draw every day but I think I wont post my drawings on a regular scheduel if I do keep drawing. There are other things I want to post about.

    As I said before, you have the best dressed grandkids in the state of California (if that is where they live)

  7. Soulbrush, I work at my day job four days a week now. Since turning 65 (two years ago) I had a major surge of a need to produce and produce I time running out kind of feeling...and meeting all the inspiring artists HERE has just spurred me on and on and on...I love it all and ideas just come as I move from one media to the other(s).

    and NO, I never talk to my DH. He is too busy either grading papers, writing tests or sleeping from pure exhaustion from his job as a teacher. Sometimes we talk on Saturday! sometimes. ;-)

    Thanks Suki for your cretique of my drawings. Much appreciated.

    Glad you all like the wall hanging.
    Now I have to re-start the scarf I was making for my daughter to match my GDs poncho! I'm also working on quilting her latest drawing.

    No,Cris, it's NOT a tube top!!!!
    Funny you.

  8. By the way.. I forgot to mention that horse photo.. Where did you take that? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  9. Cris, I took that photo of the horse in Wyoming this past summer trip. Isn't it beautiful?


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