Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Crafts; Big Draw #24; And Another Obama Fan

Tomorrow I'll be with my two youngest grand kids (age 4) at their pumpkin carving party. Well, this grandma does not go empty handed. I am making bags for treats for them. I found some goodies at the thrift stores today...four bears in costume. GS gets the ghost, as he has chosen to be a ghost for Halloween, and GD gets the Devil, well, because, she can sometimes...act like a little devil! ;-) I found the orange felt for the bags, the fall ribbon, and the white mesh fabric at the thrift store today...the black ribbon was from another quilt project, as is the fabric used for the pumpkins...fabric I used on my very very first quilt made in class 15 months ago! And the green stems are from their frog's feet from those costumes I made last year at Halloween!
These dolls were 75 cents each. Aren't they cute?
The third and forth bags will be for the kids next door. They will get the skeleton and the witch.
Big Draw Day 24: Another poncho girl. Don't ask about
her yellow forehead. I guess she has a touch of the jaundice. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ We met this gentleman in a gift shop in Wyoming this past summer. I asked his permission to snap his photo and told him I might blog it. He was fine with that. I felt it was a wonderful statement of someone who had been waiting a long time for The Dream to come true! ;-) (Me too!) Remember To VOTE!


  1. what is annoying me lately is the information getting out on the early voters. it's like the jimmy carter/ronald reagan days where they announced the winner prior to the CA polls closing. Not fair, and totally unamerican!

    Anyway - great halloween stuff - the kids will love it!

  2. Mim, I agree, it's why here in California I never felt like my vote counted. But you know what? If Obama wins that is ALL I care about this time...I did vote early absentee and did it as I felt it would give me a head start for my vote to count. But you might be right they may not count it until after Nov. 4th. OY.

  3. You are one busy Grandma. Those kids get so much special stuff from Grandma. Even the neighbors benefit. How sweet.
    AND you drew out your daily drawing. Good Girl,Yellow head or not she is good. she is yellow with envy of those Four year olds. oh thats Green. lol
    Enjoy your day tomorrow with your favorite four year olds. :))

  4. Those Halloween treats are wonderfully cute and I know the kids will love them@

  5. sometimes I am in awe of the things you find in the thrift stores. Those bears are adorable. Happy holloween to you all.

  6. Thanks Teri, Cris...
    Suki, me too...I also got two hard back knitting books, excellent condition for $1.50 ea. and a book on Yoga with a CD same price. Not to mention a ton of fabrics from 75 cents to $3.00. The larger amount was for a huge amount of fabric...several yards of good cotton. Cute pattern.

  7. Hi Thrift Store Treasure Hunter,

    Since TerBear is my nickname, I am very excited about the adorable little bears and the cute treat bags! Your grandchildren will love them, as will their neighbors.

    I enjoyed reading about your other "treasures." I'll bet you were really happy when you spotted the knitting books. Those are the times when I want to shout out "YES!" I have learned to tone it down to a mere "wow, great find." I save the "YES!" moment for when I am home and not standing in the middle of the store. :-) My kitties must think I'm pretty silly.


  8. Lynniskynni, can't keep up with you at the moment:):) LOL, just wanted to let you know how wonderful all these posts are! And I just love this man in his Tshirts and really pray for Obama, (as I cannot vote for him I pray:) and I love all the goodies you made for your little Grandchildren and the collage of the halloween pumpkin carving and apple seeking!

    Great post, full of colour, creativity and love,

  9. Thanks Andrea for coming by and for praying for Obama. Hope so, hope so, hope so...fingers crossed.

    Yes, Terbear, the kids loved the bears and the thrift store finds are amazing and fun. I do over spend there or over shop...but the prices are right and I cannot resist sometimes.


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