Saturday, October 25, 2008

Quilted Grand Daughter's Art; Big Draw #25 and thanks from SAM

A few weeks ago while babysitting, my four year old grand daughter and I had a bit of a skirmish over applying still more hand lotion to her after bath body that was already swimming in was time for teeth brushing, putting pajamas on, and story time but GD was asking for still more hand lotion. Grandma was tired and had reached her limit and set a limit and got a stubborn response from said four year old. Grandpa was called in to take over so I could deal with twin brother and get him ready for bed before I lost my cool and flipped my lid. The next morning my dear sweet agreeable (by then) GD handed me this drawing and said: "Grandma, This is You and Me!" Followed immediately with: "Will you quilt it for me?"[ The computer is not posting true colors here. The part that looks orange is really yellow/gold.]
So today I did.
Big Draw Day #25... ****************************************************************************** I heard from Sam. The Hawaiian shirt and collar place mats arrived. Sam said she loved them, it was a mixed bag emotionally, which I knew would be the case, happy memories mixed in with sadness. But she was very appreciative of my art work and endeavors. I'm glad she liked them. **********************************************************************************


  1. This is adorable. I cant wait to hear what she has to say about it.
    What a fun project. Another great drawing too on top of all that work you did on projects for this weekend. wow.
    Yes I would imagine it would be a mixed bag for Sam but she will treasure those matts for a long time I bet.
    Have fun with the Grandkids today. :)

  2. I love your granddaughter's quilted drawing! What a beautiful thing to create with her. And your drawing is so very lovely. The hand lotion thing is so very funny. At my place, it's more like, "No! That tickles!"

  3. I love the little quilt. You are the best grandma ever.

  4. Arn't grands the greatest?! Been there and done the same thing. What a sweet gesture for her to ask you to do that. So sweet.

  5. I love it when they get cranky and then revert to their loving selves. You can see them growing up right? and what a great little quilt for the two of you to remember - you'll be telling her that story when she'd at the age where she can be embarrassed by her family!!!

  6. Methinks grandaughter knows how to assuage her grandma after the hand cream "incident." Sweet. Nice drawing. I like the naturalness of the pose. glad Sam liked the placemats. You are such a good friend.

  7. Good luck with Zazzle and let me know what the link is or if you need help.

  8. I think this is a wonderful idea...and looks so sweet. Treasures!!!!! Thank you for coming by...I too am voting for Mr.O...
    Although I live in Idaho, my birthplace and most of my life in California. Hugs, Mary

  9. i love the quilted drawing. what a wonderful collaboration!!


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