Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving and Apple Picking Day!

Big Draw #26 goes to my grandchildren. They drew. I take a break... GD drew this and told me: "This is your house Grandma. This is your door and your window, This is your bedroom, your bed...the (two things on either end of the bed are:) "things to keep you safe..." next is a pumpkin and Halloween decorations and three more windows. (We do live in a two story house). ;-) This next one is the work of my GS with no explanations...
And this was a collaborative effort of the three of us. GS cut out the pieces, GD glued them on the larger piece of paper and I doodled on top of the pieces. Wa-la! A collage is born!
And then we carved pumpkins and picked apples with three other young families from their neighborhood; all toll we were seven children and seven adults.
We spent the day at my daughter's home yesterday having the second year in a row of pumpkin carving and apple picking in their backyard. The kids had their faces painted, we got tattoos too, a good lunch, delicious apples to eat, and fun in the sun had by all. After the neighbors and their children went home I stayed and played with my grandchildren. We played a memory game for which my GD made up rules and according to her we were "to discuss the pictures on the cards" and we did. They also placed them around the room for me to find and return to them. We played Polly Pocket dolls and all her dolls had "to go to the hospital, because bees came by and got into the dolls mouths and stomachs and they had to miss school for a full year!" Later we sat and drew pictures together. It was a very fun day. And yes, they loved all the goodies I made for them!!! The little bears in their bags were a big hit.
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  1. It sounds like a wonderful perfect day!

  2. Looks like real fun. Your grandchildren must enjoy your visits with them. They always sound action packed. I like the shot of the apples on the fence - on your blog banner.

  3. Yay for fun with family! It is such a great time of year to spend enjoying each other. (but really when isn't?)

    And Lynn...even though you thought it might never happen....I'm close to having something for you! One or leaves? (strange question I know...but just go with your instinct! ;)

  4. Yes, Teri, Elspeth, it was perfectly wonderful...and yes, they enjoy our visits...and yes, they are jam packed with fun.
    Glad you like the apples Elspeth. They were just there just like that waiting for my camera.

    Ladybug, I have no memory of your promising me something...but let's or leaves, leaves or flowers? I love both! How about flowers with leaves? LOL I don't know. No idea what this is about.
    Oy...either...surprise, okay flowers.

  5. Ah what a wonderful day. lots of fun and those apples. cool shot for new header.
    I think GS is going to be an abstract artist. So GD did todays drawing. Thats fair as you did her other drawing in stitching. :))
    Great pix of the day.

  6. FUN craved pumpkins! Nothing better than child art!

  7. omg ...sigh...what bliss.... i will never experience this, as i do not have a's different with green jealousy is showing through!

  8. great fun great art great pumpkins. Now, I wonder where that bees story came from. Wow.

  9. Soulbrush,you are going to have a will too have this bliss...just wait and see, your DIL will love your grandparenting, she will appreciate you! And you will have fun with baby bean!!!

    Cris, yes we drew for each other and with each other and it was good.

    Suki, I have no idea, but they the parents have decided to hold back with Kindergarten for a maybe that is part of it, but the illness part is out of the blue entirely as far as I can see. And bees? Just great imagination???

    Thanks Fifi for popping by.

  10. Lynn, there is definitely a learning curve with zazzle. Just dink around and try different things. Mistakes can be deleted. Email me if you have specific questions.

  11. Looks like so much fun! I'm going to be carving pumpkins his week, too.


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