Monday, October 27, 2008

Big Draw#27 Contented Cows

I found these cows in a Psychology Today magazine that came to my office today...I enjoyed being at work ...and enjoyed my walk at noontime, which was on top of my treadmill walking and crunches earlier in the morning. I can't believe how much better/energized I feel after I exercise. I noticed some leaves turning color here finally. Last week the temp. was in the 80's but finally it's started to cool down...still I hardly need a sweater. Fall is just beginning here.
The cows are relaxed and could care less about who wins the election.
They are not hurting from the financial crisis either.
Sometimes I think it might not being a bad life...being a cow. Feel free to copy out the second picture and color it yourself! ;-) Lynn feeling contented as a cow


  1. Cute cows and my own coloring page too. :)) Kudos for keeping up with the Big Draw!!
    Well being a cow might be a bit boring. eating only grass and giving milk.. and then maybe being someones dinner. hmmm maybe we ARE Cows and dont know it. :))

  2. Better yet to be a cow in India where you will be considered sacred ... and not someone's next slab of meat.

  3. I love these cows looking straight at the camera. They look peaceful.

  4. ha ha 'contented as a cow' that's a good one, and so is your drawing!

  5. Oh what happy cows! They must be from Wisconsin! :)

  6. there's an award on my blog for you my friend cos I WUV YOUR BLOG!

  7. Cows in a psychology magazine - how interesting. I guess it's better than sheep,

    Great drawing...

  8. love the cows! nice, expressive drawing!


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