Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harvest Pumpkins for Day Eight of the Big Draw and Hawaiian Quilted Place Mat #3

Drawing for eight days already, who knew? These pumpkins were in a magazine I had at work and right now I can't give credit to the artist as I do not remember where I saw them, my apologies. But I like the fall leaves and promise of autumn coming soon. Our temps here are just starting to go down, we are still in the 80's and high 70's this week. Nice for noontime walking. And this is my third quilted Hawaiian Place mat from Jim's shirt collars. First you see the back using the back of one of his shirts... and then you see the front using seven different collars. The white lines will hopefully disappear when I wash them. Originally I had sewn all the 22 collars together and had thoughts of cutting them out in the shape of one very large long fish. Here you can make out the fish tail I had envisioned. But that idea swam away as the photo quilt took shape and these got cut up into place mats instead. I doubted Abby or Sam had a wall large enough to hang the fish! ;-) Now I will use more shirt fabric to make a few more quilted place mats in this set, as Sam has a large family to feed when she has company.


  1. wonderful pumpkins, we don't do the whole halloween thing here in the uk ( and in fact it is more and more dangerous now on the streetsraavjs after dark) but i do so love seeing all these pumpkins around.

  2. Very good drawing. wow 8 days now. amazing. Will you wash these place mats before sending them? This looks great too. Yes a huge fish might not have fit so well on a wall. lol.

  3. Thanks, and yes, Cris, I will wash them before sending. ;-)

  4. Great sketch. Like the shapes and colors. the place mat project is coming along. I like place mats better than fish. useful. Besides I really like placemats on a table.

  5. I see that you haven't slowed down at all!!! You're a machine Lynn...

    I know I've been kind of absent lately... buried in work really... but please know how much I miss you and all my friends here in our world... hope to be more present soon...


  6. Yes, Jon, you have been missed. I understand buried under work (I am married to a teacher)...
    Read that last poem of yours that sounded up beat/in love...made me smile. I hope you come back to read this. ;-)

  7. just great, the pumpkins! Lovely colours, Lynn, so great you are drawing every day, it sure is good for quilting too!
    These hawaïan shirts are soooo beautiful, what a great idea to make these things out of them, what a souvenir. Your are such a soulful and sweet person, just needed to say this to you today:)


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