Thursday, October 9, 2008

MIchelle Obama for Big Draw #9 and #4 Hawaiian Place Mat

Last night I watched Michelle Obama interviewed by Larry King on Larry King Live. What an elegant woman she is, elegant and down to earth at the same time. Intelligent, thoughtful, and either very kind or just not wanting to make waves at this point in the campaign. I find it very refreshing that neither she nor her husband, Barrack Obama, have an ill word to say about their opponents, irregardless of how they are maligned by them. I so admire their lack of, as we say in Hebrew, La Shon Hara (Evil Tongue)!
My apologies to Michelle for my sketch that is more a caricature than a drawing. Done quickly while watching her on TV. She is a much more beautiful woman than I could capture with my pen. And then there is Hawaiian shirt place mat #4 done with only one collar strip on the end and the rest 3 1/2 inch strips pieced and free motion sewn front... and back. Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. I absolutely agree with everything you said about the Obama's. They are both elegant people and I hope we see them in the white house.

    You Hawaiian place mat is beautiful. Hmm, I'm tempted ot make one.

  2. Aloha Lynn,
    I love the idea of sitting and trying to capture the essence of Michelle. Her hubby is here in Dayton Today, it's madness, but Im going to the rally...
    You've done a great job!
    Love the place mats.. :) PEace, Kai

  3. Place mats are coming along. will go with the collered ones well.
    I can see Michelle in the drawing. You did get an essence of her. Good practice.

  4. i agree, the obamas would get my vote too. love dose fishies.

  5. Love that fish printed material. Was that a shirt too? Michele looks a little like Joan Rivers here, with the lips. Can we talk? Good sketches

  6. Yes, Suki, all the Hawaiian fabric is from Jim's shirts. He was a large man, size XXL and therefore I have a LOT of fabric to use.

    Thanks Teri, I hope we get them there.

    Kai, Did you make it to the rally?
    I would love to hear about that. Wish I could see him in person too.
    Glad you are enjoying the placemats. Aloha!

    Thanks Cris.

    Thanks too. me too.

  7. Love those placemats, and you know what? that drawing is pretty good! I knew it was her right away - so that's good - right?

  8. Yes, Mim, if you knew it was her right away it's good. Pretty good.
    Thanks. ;-)
    Lynn who is feeling pretty darn good with this drawing stuff. Having fun anyway.

    Glad you like the place mats.

  9. Lynn, thanks for being so faithful to stop by my blog and leave encouraging comments. I finally added hair to my girls -- it was definitely a bad hair day!!! Love the Hawaiian Place Mat! Colorful and a nice memento.

  10. As we get mostly American programs, Good Morning America, I have learnt alot about American politics in recent months, and , yes I agree, Obama for President!!!
    You've been tagged by me so look on my site for details.
    Take care

  11. Lynn I like your sketch, the woman has a thoughtful look, almost a bit sad. Nice to follow you on this work with the placemats and the hawaïan shirts,

  12. It is SOO hard to draw people as they are moving and living. Especially to draw their faces where every slightest line makes such a difference. I've been trying with my kids who don't sit still even when they're sitting still, and it's a challenge.

    The back of your Hawaiian place mat reminds me so much of my drawing "Flying Girl Follows her Teachers, or Fishes." I guess it's an instance of synchronicity.

    Do you think blogging allows for more synchronicity because we are sending out our thoughts on waves of energy (via the computer)? Would that make us more receptive to other people's energy? Or is it just because we talk so much of creativity?


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