Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Word For 2009 in Found Objects

Okay, so I stole this idea from another blogger, Leah sent me to. Her name is France, and she did a lovely photo collection of letters spelling out her word: LIFE. I liked what she did and went out and did it too in my neighborhood. I was INSPIRED by France and that is exactly what my word is all about! Being inspired to be creative every day! Can you find your word in nature, your home and greater community? *********************************************************************** Yesterday I had a Three Treasure Day, Listen to this: It was an exceptional day. I am so pleased. Many good things happening my way. 1. Maria Elkins, who wrote the article in The Quilting Arts Book that taught me how to make the fabric portraits left a comment on my blog (the textile art quilts by Lynn blog) and that about blew my mind. I did not know she had a blog herself (her art is amazing, you can see it by clicking on her name in the comments if you want to) idea how she knew I'd posted about her work at all. I did not put up a link to anything...but somehow the online universe alerted her and I am humbled by her words. 2. Then I got a phone call from a woman artist I'd met briefly months ago at the local art gallery. She likes my memory quilts and wants to commission me to make a baby quilt for her soon to be born grand daughter. We meet to discuss this on Wednesday. and 3. I had put an ad up on an on line site on Psychology Today to try to sell my collection of small figures from my sand tray work. ( A form of therapy I am trained to do but have not been doing for a while now). And today a doctor with a new practice emailed me a response saying she is interested in seeing the collection via photos I send in email as she may want to buy it and she is in Long Beach! All in one day!!!!!! Needless to say all this made me very very pleased.


  1. Wow Lynn, you are really on a roll. I like yr idea of finding your word out there in the world. I mean France's idea. Your three treasures are wonderful too. Soon, you will be giving workshops yourself. Writing books.

  2. WOWZER Lynn!! what a rewarding day for your creativity!!! Wowzer again and great!

    I love your 'word' for the year. Great idea.

  3. Yes, wow, indeed!
    I started taking photos of letters in nature last year, think I'll drag them out tomorrow.
    Those treasures are.. inspiring!
    Got my email Lynnnnnn?

  4. I love the word in pictures idea - and what a wonderful day you've been having!

  5. Oh you are so creative. Even if someone else started it the photos of yours are stickly you.
    Congrats on all the good things that happened to you yesterday. Keep it up. This is a new year to be INSPIRED.

  6. goody goody gumdrops, another commission, tell her i can give you a first class reference! hugs and well done on all.

  7. Great word and great trio of fortune. If I make some time I may try to find my word out there too.


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