Monday, March 23, 2009

Animal Wednesday on Cactus Monday

Oops, I woke today remembering it was Cactus Monday NOT Animal Wednesday, but had already posted my animal you get two for one today! Enjoy!
These Deer are part a a herd I saw yesterday in my daughter's back yard.
If you even "think" you know this bald pate, YOU DO NOT. And you WILL NOT ever mention to him that you saw it here. Thanks. But it was too cute not to blog. (I do not have permission so please don't mention it if you know him). Thanks.
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  1. Cats are so adoreable aren't they. So loving....
    Do the deer just walk through your daughters garden?

  2. deer oh deer...i didn't see a bald pate, did anyone else? tee hee.

  3. I would faint if I saw that many deer in my garden. There would be nothing left when they departed. Cute picture of the cat. What guy?? I didn't see a guy getting his head cleaned by a cat.

  4. Lynniskynni, will keep my mouth shut tightly:) so sweet and funny, this picture:)
    And are you sure these deer are not decoys? (remember Cris's foxes)

  5. Judith, yes, the deer have free reign in my daughters garden. There is an apple tree back there they love to eat from too, but not much else. And this was just part of the herd, I could not get them ALL in my photo.

    and Andrea, no they are living breathing beautiful deer, the REAL THING! LOL

  6. well now that is a catcus with character. Very cool.
    Thats a large herd that goes thru her yard. Doesnt she have a fence around her place? how do they get in? Another great shot. yes they could be decoys. LOL
    Love the cat licking head photo best. :))

  7. ha ha ha ha all changed...deer oh deer where's baldie? HCm fellow cactuteer and i love the gift you made for Lolo.

  8. Happy Cactus Monday!
    Wow! Two are doing great. Keep it up:)

  9. ROFLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL That is absolutely priceless!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the laugh. So catdorable!!

    I like the cactus too.


  10. Wow! A herd of deer in a backyard! I love deer.

    And I like Henry's ice cream cone. What flavour? Vanilla?

  11. Great pictures Lynn!
    The cat is adorable!
    And the deer!!!!!!! To find this in your backyard must be heaven!
    I saw this post this morning and was smiling now with the addition I had to laugh!
    Love the gift you made for Lolo! Beautiful cactus Quilt!

    Happy Cactus Monday!

  12. To answer a few questions and THANK YOU For all the wonderful comments they do make my day.

    No fence in the yard as there is a city creek running through and they are ordered to keep it open space by the creek side...there are some fences but not enough to keep the deer out.

    No it is not heaven as they eat plants...but they are fun to see.

    That is not Henry that is Phiffer, my daughter's cat, about ten pounds lighter than Henry! and Phiffer is 16 yrs old.

    Flavor? Delicious!

  13. Your secret is safe with me! I'll never tell him. That has to be the biggest cactus ever! HCM fellow cacuteer!

  14. Great photos...that was some big cactus!!!

    I love the piece you made for Laurel...such beautiful work... and what talent!!!! :)

  15. This is too funny!! I won't tell... quite the backyard herd too!!!

  16. Oh, Phiffer looks a lot like Henry though!

  17. Hi there! Sorry so late in coming over to welcome you to Cactus Monday!!! I love your cactus photo here...It reminds me of a sort of secret garden down the street that I need to take pics of...maybe I can get them for this coming CM!

    Looking forward to your future CM posts!

  18. This is too cute! Cats make one feel loved, don't they. My dearly departed Pearl used to lick my eyebrows in the morning when she wanted me to wake up. Such a sweet picture! My lips are sealed.

  19. Diane, thanks for that. Much appreciated. ;-) I'd be in big trouble.

    Thanks all for coming by. I do appreciate your comments.


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