Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kids and Grands = A Fun Filled Day

Yesterday we answered the call to come and "babysit"...Our babies are four and a half now and too big and grown to be called babies any more...but to us, they are our babies. We had great fun: grandpa chasing, teasing, playing hide and seek...grandma cutting out paper dolls (sent by friend Cris in Oregon, thanks Cris they were a huge hit); reading stories, listening to their stories!
Life is good. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day doing what gives you the most joy!


  1. how they've grown since the last picture, and since your son's wedding.mind you that was back in august wasn't it? lovely day gran. show us more please.

  2. Its fun to see GD enjoying the paperdolls I sent. I knew she would.
    Glad you had a fun time and lots of giggles.
    I see you have been at the Paint shop again. :) Cute people.Word Verification...manolast. Man o last.. the memories till the next time you visit. :}

  3. Beautiful children. So glad you all had fun. Your granddaughter's smile says it all.

  4. Life is very good and those two get more beautiful every day. Oh, I love coming here and seeing a different banner, too. This one today is GORGEOUS. The minute it loaded onto my screen, I just said, "OOOOH, PRETTY!" out loud. I love the little holes with another fabric peeking out from under.

  5. They are beautiful Lynn! I am so jealous cuz mine are so far away. I am going to send you an email about mine (well, Grammas do have to brag to each other).

    And here I was on sunday sketching in church and wishing you were there ROFLOL over your remark.

  6. What beautiful kids!
    It must be great being a grandma!
    I am sure everyone enjoyed this day!


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