Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Survived Taxes...Ugly Fairy and Lyntangles

This Ugly Fairy got me through the day yesterday...she got me through the day at the tax preparers office. Why this has to be so stressful is beyond me. But this year for once I really was totally prepared. I was not sent away for this that or some other one more needed piece of paper. I had gathered it all! They are DONE for another year! I can relax and breathe! Thank you Ugly Fairy.
More relaxing Lyntangles to share
just for the fun of it...
I will call this last one "Ring Around The Rosy"
as today we go to play
with our grand kids!
And that is ALWAYS FUN!
More about that later!


  1. yahoo the taxes are behind you, yahoo happy lynzens and double yahoo the grands...have you got your grannie bag? can't wait to see all the activities and the photos, i bet they can't wait for grannie lynnie either...enjoy enjoy enjoy.

  2. I'm glad your fairy has peace due to the taxes being prepared. Love the lyntangles.

  3. glad you got thru the taxing taxes. Have a wonderful play day with the kids.

  4. Congrats for getting it right the first time. Yeaaaaaaaa
    Nothing like a lot of stress to ruin a day...or was that a week? :)
    good thing you had your ugly Fairy to rely on.:}
    Your Zens were probably really relaxing last night with relief it was over. Very good Zens too.

  5. Gee, that ugly fairy could be a logo for the taxman!

    You are lucky to go see the grands and I am jealous!!

  6. Wow! Good concpetual piece on the ugly fairy. Reflecting your current mood.......
    Love the technical details on the last piece, all so well done!


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