Friday, March 20, 2009

Taxes Make Me Crazy: Walking in Nature Helps

Join me on my walk through nature earlier this week, as I need calming down from an evening of preparing to see the tax accountant today! I need calming did I say that already? I need to be calm...OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Walk with me through colors and calm blue skies
I m not nuts kitty's tax time and it makes me seem crazy but really I'm not...
The sun is shining I should be on top of the world...
tulips are blooming...
Beauty is all around me...
Okay, I'm day here I come....
Happy Skywatch Friday...


  1. Happy Skywatch Friday to you too. Lovely sky pictures and the color. Don't we just love the colors of spring.!

  2. Such beauty! Ah, a breath of fresh air. Hope all goes well w/taxes. Ommmm

  3. Oh how lovely everything is looking. Ours flowers and trees are starting to bloom but a bit slower. My Magnoia Tulip tree has tons of buds this year and will be so pretty IF we dont get another Freeze before it blooms. I see one in your photos here. Hope you breeze thru the taxes and come out with money to spare. Ommmmmmmmm :))

  4. OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I am so relaxed looking at all this beauty I am about to fall off the chair!!! And my tax man called with our finished taxes!! Money coming in OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  5. I want teri's taxman!!

    Awesome shots. I love how many times the meditating frog appears!

    I like your Lynntangles too! The all black and white one is my favorite.

    Thanks for the reminder to cover my address ;) My little cactus is right here at the computer with me. Thanks again!

  6. Yes, Lisa, I do love colors of spring...

    Suki, I survived the tax lady!

    Cris, can't wait to see the photos of your tulip tree.

    Teri C. mine are done now too...ommmmmed to relief.

    Lolo...glad you like it and that the little cactus keeps you company. That makes me smile. yes, the ommming frog helped me through my ordeal. It's done and over! Yippie.

  7. That little frog is just gorgeous - he's made my day!

    You picked a great way of chilling out - enjoying all those spring flowers. Lovely pics!

  8. Lovely pics Lynn. Isn't it funny how the work tax makes people act funny.

  9. Lovely photos
    Such untaxed beauty

    Money comes and money goes
    We pretend to be accountable
    For imaginary wealth

    So small a thing
    To filter our lives through an accounting of income
    And expenditures

    But our experiencee consists of so much more
    Things the taxman will never see
    Never care about

    This is the legacy that will truely matter
    The beauty
    The wisdom
    The understanding you pass on

    Accountable to none but yourself

    You are rich with it
    And so your family will prosper

  10. Just so so so beautiful...these sky watch series, all packed with wonders, colours, flowers and surprises!

  11. hahaha!
    We had to fill in our taxes today (boooooring) and our dishwasher broke down.
    And it was raining!
    But my husband fixed the dishwasher and we finished this tax thing, I cleaned up the mess and I had a wonderful nap, still tired from my trip.
    Your pictures are so gorgeous! here spring has to start yet......but it can´t be long.....


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