Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Paint Drawings and Some LynTangling

Lyntangling is a relaxing, mind altering, unconscious-releasing art form. I do it in the evenings while unwinding from my day...I think the looseness of lines lends to freeing the spirit for other art medias. The first two here are done with colored micro ink pens inside a black felt tip pen outline.
This black and white number is done in black micro pen entirely.
And Paint program lets me use computer mouse to guide its tools across the monitor screen
and draw what ever wants to pour out. These were done between seeing connection between drawings and clients seen.
Feel Free to pick a favorite here. I took a relaxing walk at noontime today in sunshine weather (high 70's F) and camera and I
found lots and lots of beautiful blooms to capture for tomorrow's post...stay tuned.


  1. OMG!
    these are breathtaking...
    even looking at them is releasing and soothing...
    love the first one very much... the layers... wow!

    thanks for sharing them with us...

  2. Well they are all good but my favorite is the black and white one, which suprises me because I usually go for bright colours.

  3. These are wonderful. My favorites.. I love the first one, the flower in pot and the girl for sure. That program isnt that easy. I had fun with it but it takes some co ordination and practice. ;))

  4. Thanks you for stopping by my blog yesterday. We feel honored to have some pieces by Soulbrush. We've received many compliments on them.

    I really enjoy your pen and ink drawings, too.

  5. HB, glad you like them. And so good to see YOU!!!!

    Judith, change is good. ;-) Thanks.

    Cris, thanks. The program becomes easier the more you do it. As my drawing teacher said: "Smile, breathe, relax, draw."

    Sue, thanks for coming here as well, and glad you like my drawings. Nice of you to say.

  6. So creative. I like the third zentangle best and the zentangles better than the paint program things. I read "The Woods." and seem to recall it was quite gripping.

  7. What a supherb idea these can be developed into so many things and ideas with textiles and quilting.
    This reminds me to keep doodling and sketching in the unwinding times as this is when the unexpected happens with new ideas, thankyou for showing us.

  8. I love them all but the first one would be my first choice. (like that play on words?) tee hee

    These are really refined zens. Super job.

  9. wow lynnie, love the leaf and the blue man...what a lotta fun. i find zentangles work not relaxation, maybe i try too hard...happy weekend grannie lynn.

  10. I enjoy all of them, but my two favorites are the black and white Lyntangle and the tan and brown portrait of the woman...really, really like those!

  11. Thank you all for coming by, taking the time to look and choose a fav..and for leaving your much appreciated comments! ;-)

  12. Love them all Lynn - very very nice

  13. Really amazing!
    I love the colours, textures, line are so creative and you turn your passion into real master art pieces.


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