Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Henry V Apologizes for his Bad Behavior

For the most part Henry V is a good cat. He sleeps well at night, he sleeps most of the day, he guards us at his post on the bedroom window sill during the wee hours of the morning, he plays well outdoors marking his territory...
Did I mention that hesleeps more during the day...
He waits for us to come home from work...
But sometimes...he sees something out that bedroom window and he WANTS TO GO OUT...
while WE ARE SLEEPING... SO he bangs on the bedroom window blinds and wakes us up. Henry was very very very naughty a few nights ago. Well for two consecutive nights he banged on the window blinds in my bedroom and woke me up. On the third night I became rather disgruntled with this behavior and put him out of my room with door closed. As I am hearing impaired I could not hear him scratching on the door to be let back in and got a good nights sleep.
The next day
we found this dead bird on our door step...obviously Henry's act of begging for forgiveness. I am sure he thinks we ate it for breakfast after it was no longer there and discarded in the trash can. Shame on Henry for acting like a cat.
The End


  1. ROFLOL, what a great post...did you do these with your computer programmes or by hand? love the new header, it sings....HAW dear grannie lynn. was supposed to go see maggie today, but have an awful cold and sore throat, so not hoo.

  2. oh dear, poor Henry. but what a lovely offering he gave you - isn't he a sweetie. HAW Henry and you can believe that your "owners" had fried sparrow for breakfast and didn't share it with you.

  3. henry is a hoot. I dont love the way cats kill little animals but do find endearing the way the offer them as gifts to their humans.

  4. Well Lynn all I can say is cats will be cats. He must love you lots to bring you home a gift like that.

  5. Oh a cat will be a cat...Poor birdie. Little did it know when it got up that morning he would be a peace offering. :-}
    Love the drawings. You are getting good Girl.

  6. You are really having fun with your art!! These are all so creatively done. They remind me of your quilting, free and creative.

  7. Cats will be cats! I love all the different drawings. And the new header...yummy!

    Speaking of yummy, OMG Lynn I can't believe what you made for me!! The envelope made me smile right away and the contents, wow!! I'm going to use it and show it off for my next CM post. Is that okay? What a totally awesome surprise this was!! You are ONE talented lady. Thanks so much! XX

  8. soulbrush, yes, most of the drawings are done on Paint Program with mouse in hand; except for the black and white one which I drew by hand. Glad you like the new header. I felt SHE needed more of a show. So sorry you are ill, heal awaits!

    Mim, Lisa, Suki,Judith, glad you liked the story.

    Cris, thanks for your kudo.

    Teri, your words make me smile. Thanks.

  9. Dear Lolo, thanks for the kudos and so glad you like what I sent!
    Isn't it soft? I do appreciate your letting me copy your art!
    And yes, do post it, (just cover up the address if you post the envelope). Thanks. Hugs.

  10. LOL!!!
    Henry is just being what he is a super cat!
    Lovely story!
    Sjimmie brought us a coot a few weeks sad but he was so proud......
    Now we call him the chicken murderer.
    Thanks for this story and all the lovely pictures and drawings with it


  11. fabulous story and drawings (done by computer?)

    at the end of the story i really loved to hug Henry... poor cat...

    he is a real man... apologizing so bravely...

  12. I love the quilt in the new header - beautiful!

  13. Oh yes, I know those gifts only too well. The last one I got was a lizard (not yet dead). I managed to free it minus its tail.

  14. Oh, Henry. What a sweetie to make a peace offering, even if a poor bird had to die for it. Yes, I love how free and creative your drawing are. You should go back to your very earliest drawings and compare... they are so loose now and very fun! And good!


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