Friday, June 19, 2009

ATCs from Dubai; Memory Albums

How delighted I was today to find mail from Deepa in Dubai! I feel like I am in a huge circle of friends that spans around the world and it does!!!! This wonderful postcard is of the Burj Al Arab, a 7 star hotel, the 2nd tallest hotel building in the world. The lights on it keep changing colors! How cool is that! I love that Deepa sent explanations to go with each of her ATCs. They are exquisite. Look carefully at the details in this one. You might want to click to enlarge both. Thank you Deepa. I am honored to have your beautiful art in my home! I've been busy the last couple of days gathering photos of family to take to family. This album will go to my Aunt Mimi and Uncle Harry on Sunday when we celebrate their 90th years. Cousins are coming from all over the map! The album spans their lives from when they met at the end of WWII and my birth shortly after that to the present. On our upcoming road trip we will visit my sister in law in Minnesota for a "Life Celebration" honouring my mother in law who died in January this year and my nephews' graduation from The University of Minnesota in the Drama Department this past May. I love that by chance the photo of my DH is peeking around to see the photo of his ma on the cover of this album. The photos inside span her life from the end of WWII to December 2008 when we were last together. And in the meantime I have added Internet Access to my cell phone. I am struggling to learn how to "type" on the teeny tiny itsy bitsy key board, how to access email and blogs on the internet. It ain't easy either!!!! I feel generationally challenged for the first time ever.


  1. thinking of you. journey safely.

  2. You'll do fine with the phone access - I expect you'll be twittering before long!
    Have a great trip - it'll be therapeutic won't it? Hope DH does OK with the memorial, that is tough but I find it healing.

  3. Wonderful atcs. I enjoyed reading the explanations. Have fun on your trip. I hope you figure out how to use your new phone access. Maybe you could tell me how. tee hee... No, I just take my computer along with me for that access.

  4. what wonderful gifts for these wonderful people, enjoy it my love and cherish these times. you, generationally challenged? no ways!!! when do you leave? what about your books and atc groups? kate's book is on its way to you now.tee hee

  5. Deepa's ATCs look awesome!

    Your albums are such a special gift, they will love it.

    Hey, when are you coming to MN??

    I can actually get into your blog the normal way now. I wonder if Blogger fixed everything.

  6. Thanks all.

    Soul, the books might sit a bit till we return...and I can catch up with my own added pages. Just makes the suspense all that much more exciting...dear neighbor will take in my mail and care for it. All will be safe.

    Teri. June 27 & 28th...quickly there and quickly gone again.

  7. I got Deepas ATCs yesterday also and will be posting them today some time. Arent they wonderful?
    Your memory books are great. Everyone will love them.

  8. Wow what great things you got there!!!
    What beautiful albums you have made.
    So good to commemorate your MIL together with your family and celebrate life, I think that's a beautiful combination!

    Have a nice weekend!
    hug >M<

  9. Lots of love in this post...coming to you from afar and flowing right back out again to your family...What beautiful treasured books!

  10. Wow! Cool ATC form deepa:)
    She is so talented and creative:)


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