Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thrift Store Has Bi Annual Jewelry Sale

Again I made out like a bandit buying up earrings and pins for 50 cents to $1.50 max: Now I wonder who would look good in these or might they find their way to an ATC or two? I love Laural Burch jewelry...these leaves are long and in my fav colors!!!! Keepers! I will wear these little origami birds and wow my grand kids! They are so well made, firm to the touch, and will fly freely from my ears! I love silver and these beauties will go with everything and look quite sophisticated. LOL (which is NOT me, but what the hey) And this marvelous heart pin is going on something that will be a gift for a special someone... Yes, I had fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a wonderful day yesterday in SF with friends from Seattle. Maybe I can get photos up for tomorrow. Will be busy packing today for our road trip. I am finding cell phone Internet access pretty worthless as far as blog site-ing is concerned. Pictures are too large to show on phone screen. I can check for email, but sending more than a few words in wearing on my soul. So, I am approaching the idea of two weeks with very little blog &/or email contact, or interaction. This will not be easy. I hope I survive, I hope my blog survives and hope I don't lose my following. I shall return. In the meantime, be good, be creative, and know you are loved and appreciated by me!


  1. Lovely finds!
    wait untill Soul sees the giraffes.......

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. lose your following, what? never...we'll be here ready and waiting for your return...have a fabadabadoo time, i remember when you w ent last year, seems like yesterday, and yes those earrings are magic!

  3. Mz Lynn, you go on your vacation and disconnect from the blog world. You are much too interesting to loose any of your readers. We will all miss you and look forward to your return. You will be full of energy and new projects to share with us. I miss you already. Have a great time. BonVoyage.

  4. Lynn, you are the best 'shopper' I know! I have diamond studs that DH gave when we married and I am so lazy I never change them! lol

    It is amazing how you will manage to survive without the Internet when on vacation. And don't worry we will all be here when you get back!

    Happy days ahead!

  5. Bummer about the phone internet thing not working but like everyone else said...we will still be here when you return. or pass by. :)
    Love the earrings.
    Funny how I only wear my little gold hoops. Lazy or boring? Nah I just like them. :))
    PS last year you managed to find places to blog from along the way I remember. So who knows you may surprise us. :)

  6. tee hee, stampmaiden sent me that tag, so i decided to decorate it for this rest? onlywhen i'm dead! love ya safe trip.and i saw the giraffes....!!!

  7. Ah, soul. you saw the giraffes. Do you think I was thinking of YOU when I bought them? Hummmmmmmmmm.
    Maybe? Would you wear them as is or should I use them for decoration? You get to decide!
    Either way if fine with me.

    laughing at what you wrote about rest. Love it.

  8. Nobody is going anywhere...We will anxiously await your return...Enjoy you trip, see wonderful things... and let your artistic Muse regenerate herself! Hugs! :)

  9. Love the heart pin!
    We'll leave the light on for you,,,have a great/safe trip!


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