Sunday, June 21, 2009

F = "Face" by Teri C. and F = "Flourish" by Me

Notice the little sweet watercolor INCHIE she sent me too!!!! How clever and well done is that! This is the ABC ATC for "F" I sent to Linda! It's a felted, top sewn, and beaded Flower with a Flourish! Mimi and Harry in their 60's before they retired from their long time Camera Business. We are meeting with extended family today for a huge gathering and double birthday bash for Uncle Harry and Aunt Mimi, both of whom turned 90 this year! We are so happy to be with them. Harry and Mimi this year at 90! And then we hit the road...I've blogged some days ahead lest you forget to come here! Photos from the trip when I can download them along the way will be added. ********************************** I am proud of my packing: one small black suit case on wheels for easy pulling holds three short sleeve shirts, two long, one blue denim work shirt; three pairs of long pants to be worn multiple times before washing; underwear/socks/pjs; sandals, tennis shoes; shower shoes in case we camp; toiletries. One bag for crafts: fabric pieces; thread; needles; embroidery floss; bag of buttons; embroidery hoop; scissors. One bag for magazines on quilting; cloth paper scissors; Sommerset Studios; two novels to read at night. Throw in the car: sweaters, jacket, hat, down vest for cold nights camping. DH is getting tent, food chests, etc together. And his own clothes, etc. We are ready to roll.


  1. so teri has caught the 'inchies' bug too? i knew she would. have a fabadabadoo tine and i know that harry and mimi are going to SO appreciates being with you all. good packing girl. i am gonna miss you like crazy my sister and the other part of me!

  2. Wow! Mimi and Harry look great for people in their 90's!

    I may take guidance from your packing list. I tend to be an over-packer. I never wear half the things I carry.

  3. Oh, have a great time!!!!! I like light packing also...of course with all of your needed other supplies (art stuff)...well, it kinda throws that out the window a bit!!! LOLOL! Looking forward to your pics on the road!

  4. Ah we are up to F now on the ABC ATCs. These are fun and clever.
    You have a fun and safe trip. Looking forward to seeing you at the end of your trip heading home. Cant believe its been a year since last time. Enjoy the family today too.

  5. Soul, not to worry, crazy Lynn has blogged ahead ten posts! I am sure we will hit some motels with internet access along the way and when we get to MN I can use my sisterinlaws' computer to post some photos from the trip. I will be in your presence at ALL TIMES!

    Elspeth, bringing home clean clothes is what has taught me to pack light. Also there are laundry mats along the way.

    Julie, the art supplies are more important than the clothes!

    Cris, see you July 4th! Keep the home fires burning...or the lemonaide made.

  6. Oh no, now Soul knows I did some inchies! lol. I had some watercolors that didn't turn out so I cut them into inchies and drew a few strategic lines on them. Much more fun that way.

    ROFLOL at Lynn! how many ahead did you prepost? lol. Like we could forget you.

    And you packed perfect; art stuff first and then the rest. Rely on laundromats-they are a godsend.

    I know you will have a wonderful time and those long rides are great for hatching creative you need more.

    Happy Bday to the 90ers!!

    Take lots of photos!

  7. btw, i will be posting lotsa new awards tomorrow, all for you to take....when you get back... make a note and don't forget,...... so glad you have some preposts ready, i won't go into total wirthdrawal.

  8. Oops, I told! LOL



    no withdrawl...except maybe for me who will have to wait for an on the road internet connection to see blogs. But you can email me...I have that on my cell. Answers back will be brief.

    loading car now

    see ya

  9. Laffing at the priority packing,,,art stuff, of course!

    I finally figured it out that I wore so little of what I packed,,it sure gets easier after that realization.
    A crazy friend of mine went to Europe, packed all black,,older things,,,and threw them away as she wore them, or left them for the maids.It made hauling home the purchases much easier too!

  10. I've been packing for 2 months and you're leaving before me!! So not fair!

    I love your "F!" It's amazing. And teri's fun F too! Don't forget to put them on the abc atc blog ;)

    I hope I look as good as MImi when I'm sixty for God's sake!!
    have a fun, safe journey :)

  11. Funny and beautiful "F" by Teri and lynn:)
    I hope I can settle down soon to do some for you all:)

  12. Funny FACE!
    Great ATC's by teri and you!
    Lovely shots from Mimi and Harry!


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