Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the road with Lynn LIVE!!! It's DAY THREE: We are at a motel 8 so I am finally at a computer where I can post something. I've been checking comments on my cell and really appreciate the fact that so many of you are still checking in even though you know I am not REALLY there. But NOW I AM REALLY HERE!!! A quick catch up: The trip started at the party for my aunt and uncle on Sunday. It was perfect. All my cousins were there some from Canada, Colorado, SF, and other parts of Calif. Their kids were all there, my kids, all of our grandkids. It was held outdoors in a picnic atmosphere, with plenty of room for kids to run around and play, swim, etc. Just a delight being with every one. Aunt Mimi LOVED the photo album of memories and I sat with her for a long time looking at it together and remembering together. From there we drove to Nevada and spent the night. Day Two: I was delighted to realize I could both draw and use my watercolors in the car! I also did some handwork with fabric. CAR ART is a kick!!! I did help drive and drove into Salt Lake, City Utah! Where the traffic became hectic but I survived. Day Three: We drove into Wyoming and this morning got up early to go fossil hunting. I wasn't sure I was going to be anything other than a good sport, but it turned out to be fun. I actually found a few 50,000,000 year old fish and some flies! We have a box full of limestone slabs of rock with our fossil finds embedded in them. I also met some really nice people, another couple joined us on the hunt, from Seattle. And our guide, Mara, was a sweetheart. She was helpful instructing us to the use of hammer &chisel, and we also had some good heart to hearts about life and art. She is interested in art so I gave her a copy of Cloth Paper Scissors I had with me. She was delighted. This afternoon we drove into Jackson Hole, Wyoming and both broke down and cried at the abundance of beauty on the road here. The huge open blue skies, the incrediable huge clouds, the open meadows of flowers and greenery, and the rock formations simply took our breath away. And then when we got to Jackson, the GRAND TETONS swept us off our feet AGAIN. Each time we come here we are affected this way all over again. One year I was so moved I asked DH to renew our vows, which we did standing at a lake side overlooking the snow covered peaks of Grand Teton Mountains. Tonight we took Chinese Food to the spot and sat on our tail gate, ate the hot food, and oggled the splendor of the mountains. Tomorrow we will take a closer up look, take oodles of photos and then drive to Yellowstone. Not sure when I'll be at a computer next, but promise to read all your comments on my cell until then. Thanks for letting me share this wonderous time with you all.


  1. Oh my gosh, Lynn! I can invision what I think you could be makes me happy to hear about your sheer thrill in seeing this beautiful scenery!!! What great stories and details! Keep having the time of your life!!!!!

  2. I got this in my dashboard three times. :) It all sounds heavenly.
    I remember leaving CA for the first time and driving up that way and amazed at the beauty I saw along the way. Here you have seen it before and it still takes you by surprise.
    Glad you having fun. Just like you to be sharing Art along the way. :))
    Keep enjoying.

  3. hey, that's almost the excact route I'll be heading to on Sunday morning!
    Nature is the most wonderful thing we have. That didn't come out right but I'm sure you know what I mean! It's never disappointing.

    Have fun, stay safe ;)

  4. yipppeeee, my daily 'fix' from you lynnie. so very glad the party was wonderful, i knew they would adore the photo album. you really are a true romantic..and prove that you may be 'old, but definitely not cold'!!!! have a ball with your dearest dh.


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