Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blooming Tuesday From Last Friday!

DH and his dearest old friend, Richard, and his lovely wife, Celeste aboard the CS Thayer in SF overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge! Okay, I am posting ahead...wanting to keep in touch while we are on the idea where I am while you are seeing these beautiful bright orange daisies I shot while eating out in San Francisco last Friday. Of course Teri C. might think they are special for her, but she must share them with all of you. We were with our good friends, Richard and Celeste, who used to live in the Bay Area and were visiting here from Seattle. Celestes', sister lives within blocks of my daughter and my brother both. Small world. We had some very good sandwiches at our favorite Russian Deli in the City before heading over to the Tall Ships and other sites. A good time had by all. I wish you all a happy bloomin' Tuesday and hope you are enjoying summer (or winter, depending where you live!)...


  1. aaaw it's so nice to 'hear' from you while on the road. happy and safe travelling.

  2. Your road trips always sound so free and exhilarating! I've never done a road trip, but I love driving, so I know I would enjoy one. I think one of the best things in the world must be a long on-the-road adventure with someone you really love and have fun and get along with, stopping off here and there, discovering, etc.

  3. Oh my goodness, those daisies are gorgeous and good enough for one of your cards! Okay okay, I'll share them but I expect a card with them on there. lol

  4. Great shots of your good friends.
    Hope your getting lots of photos for future posts. Last I heard briefly you were in Utah and going to be in Idaho later today some time. Have fun.

  5. Aloha Lynn, wow such happiness, it's a pretty picture.
    peace, Kai

  6. You are having so much fun. Happy Blooming Tuesday.

  7. Thanks Soul...
    Elspeth, it is that and much much more!!!
    Okay, Teri C. I will be sure you get those daisies on a card!!! (when I get home you may have to remind me again)
    Cris, I misinformed you, no Idaho. Wyoming. will blog it soon.
    Kai & Lisa, thanks we are having a ball.


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