Monday, July 27, 2009

Cactus Monday and K = Kitty and Kite

DH and I found this lovely array of Cacti on an evening drive after dinner last Friday night.
I'm always excited when I know I have a Cactus for the next Cactus Monday!
Dh says he's my blog manager and makes sure I have what I need for posting!
He pulls right over to let me take my photos!
Thanks DH. You are a gem~
K = Kitty and Kite is for Mim on our ABC ATC Blog swap!
Done in ink pen, and watercolors using a water brush!
You fill the body of the brush with water
squeeze some to the tip and dip the wet tip into the paint pad.! Water colors!
DH has brought me home a set of these brushes in various sizes.
More fun and games for creating fun stuff!
If you want to Google them the brand I have is called
Aqua-Flo by Royal Langnickel.


  1. What a sweet sweet simple water colour..well done!!

  2. It is fun to have something ready for CM. Most helpful to have an accomplice. HCM... Love the ATCs too.

  3. whew what a stupendous cactus, wish my hubby were at all interested in what i do.....sigh...lucky you! hcm fellow cactuteer.

  4. That is one HUGE cactus!! Isn't it funny how our husbands get into what we do!


  5. Wonderful! Cacti and kitty cats are a fab combination. HCM!!


  6. That prickly pear does look huge! I like how the fruit are a similar shape to the pads, but different in size.

  7. Lovely-I notice cactus all the time now, but rarely stop. Maybe I should stop more often.

  8. Wonderful Cactus Lynn!
    In some way my DH is also my blogmanager (like that name) he always asks Sunday if I have something for Cactus Monday yet......
    and he often helps with my english.....

    Love the Kitty!!


  9. DHs do the nicest things! What a great plant! :) HCM! :)

  10. Your DH is a jewel... I would keep him if I were you.. LOL
    This is a great cactus. I love how it looks like it has a hand with fingers and is blowing us a Kiss. :) Atistic licence here.. lol
    Love your Kitty and the colors are more of DHs thoughtfulness.

  11. the prickly pear looks huge and i like how the fruits line up at the top. love your sketch too, very creative.

  12. Thank you all for coming by on Cactus Monday and leaving me your sweet comments!

  13. lynn, i'm mostly a writer and a closet artist. most of my drawing experience comes from elementary i am forever excited when i get a good tip about how to draw and paint. a watercolor brush with its own water--i love it!

    thanks for visiting me. it made me smile.


  14. great angle on the cactus! must have been huge!?

  15. The kitty drawing reminds me that we haven't seen Henry V in a while.


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