Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

My next door neighbor planted sunflowers in his front yard this year. A small grove of them and they are beauty-full to see! This one is (or any of my photos really could be) on a photo card in my ETSY store!
Just request it~ He also has a plethora of cosmos and poppies!
This blurry beauty is a small myrtle tree in our front yard!
Wishing you all a Happy Bloomin' Tuesday.
Tomorrow my brother has a double surgery (gall bladder removed and hernia corrected)
and then will be coming here to our home to recuperate. Do send your positive thoughts, and
prayers his way for a safe surgery and speedy recovery. Thanks.


  1. Oh dear.. Poor Brother. Will you be there at the hospital? Nice you can bring him to your home. Thinking positive thoughts for his successful Surgery and recovery.
    Love the flowers. All so pretty.

  2. What a good thing that he has a place to recuperate!
    Love those sunflowers. I must plant some next year.


  3. Gosh, I love those sunflowers, especially photographed with that blue/purple background. So pretty.
    My thoughts are with your brother, hoping for a speedy recovery.

  4. beautious sunflowers, reminds me of your/now mim's quilt. oh poor bro, all my prayers and good thoughts are travelling across the pond right now for him and for you...isn't he lucky to have a sis like you?

  5. beautiful blooms Lynn!!

    Wow, huge day for your brother. Yikes! Sending healing thoughts and prayers.


  6. Lynn,

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers pictures. Nothing says summer quite like a cheery sunflower.

    I will definitely keep your brother in my prayers! He is sure blessed to have such a special sister.


  7. Beautiful sunflowers and I love those poppies.

    Of course healing thoughts and powerful prayers coming your brothers way. Take good care of him.

  8. beautiful! I love sunflowers...

  9. oh, poor brother but getting your gallbladder out is wonderful. It can make you so sick! love the sunny-flowers lynn

  10. oh my. many good wishes sent from here for your brother. how kind you are to help him recuperate. he is a lucky guy. i know you will pamper him and treat him kindly. love the sunflowers

  11. Your brother is in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Really proud of you Lynn.
    I heart those charming blooms.
    Thanks to discover them!
    Congrtas Lynn, your etsy header got such a beautiful Sunflower:)


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