Wednesday, July 29, 2009

May I please come in?

May I please come in? (or Open the darn door will you?) Where are they?
(I see you behind your silly camera, now open the door!)
Pretty pretty please?
Happy Animal Wednesday from
Henry V
Another true story from a satisfied user of my RELAXATION CD:
Remember the story of the woman with the two afghan dogs who joined her each time she put on my relaxation CD and laid on their backs listening until it was over?
Well today another new client came in raving about her use of the relaxation CD I had given her last week to help her control her anxiety. She said first her 8 yr old daughter came in to sit next to her on the floor where she sat back up against the couch legs stretched out in front of her. The little girl mimicked her mothers position and listened to the end of the CD. Then she said: "I didn't hear it from the beginning, can you start it over again?" And she did and they did sit listening to the end again. But before she got started her CAT, named Angel, who she said is a very hyper active cat came into the room. Angel saw her sitting on the floor and walked up to her legs and stood just starring up at my clients eyes as if to say: "WHAT are you DOING?"
The cat stood thus for a while (the relaxing CD going all this time) and then went to sit next to the little girl and sat there quietly until the CD ended.
All three got up feeling very calm and relaxed.
So NOW I am not only a people relaxer, dog whisper, but also a cat calmer!!!!
I feel so successful!


  1. oh lynnie these pics are adorable....henry is literally talking to you. i must hunt the cd out and have a really good listen...tee hee....haw to you and henry.

  2. poor little henry he wants to come in NOW. HAW to Henry.

    that CD is lovely - I'm not surprised that people love it.

  3. Henry V is a handsome cat and so expressive. No doubt about what he wants. I hope he got to come in. HAW. Congrats about the people and animals likeing your CD.

  4. Henry is sure a cutie. Love your story about the relaxtion effect. NOw, here's how you can get rich. Market this CD with a super cover and become Calfornia's new relaxtion guru. You will soon be rich enough to buy a house on the ocean.

  5. Those photos of Henry are hilarious!! Priceless facial expressions as always.

  6. Soul, enjoy the CD...relax and enjoy!

    Mim, thanks, people have been enjoying it for 30 years plus now.

    Lisa, Henry thanks you for his compliment!

    Suki, I just put the CD in my ETSY store...I'll let you know when I can afford the house by the ocean!

    Elspeth, I knew you'd love the Henry photos! You were missing him and here he IS!!!

  7. Can that cat talk. He says so much with his expresive face it isnt funny. :)) Have you tried your Cd of Henry yet? :) Cute story. Heck market it out for man and beast. :))

  8. Oh!
    Priceless photos!
    The one that includes the door/window would make an excellent card.

  9. Babs, if you'd like that photo on a card you can order it through my ETSY store now. I'll add it to my inventory, thanks for the idea.

  10. LOL Lynn,
    he's uber cute!! If I'd have done that to my cat Sid, he would have sulked in then found a piece of furniture or a rug to "vent"
    peace, Kai

  11. Kai, all I did was take his picture. Henry is used to that.
    No animals were harmed during this filming. LOL

  12. Oh what a special story!!!!
    That cd must be special!
    Love henry V!!!!
    He is such a personality! Fun story!
    (see my post tomorrow)


  13. Wow! Angel is really a cool cat!
    Just like the one that I captured.
    So daring and brave.
    Waiting at the door.
    And want some attention!

  14. Henry knows how to boss around his servants...I can just see it in his eyes. Very interesting note on the CD, wonder if it would help cats be less anxious as far as inappropriate urination behavior...I might just have to get me a copy and let you know...I know they'd enjoy laying with me, regardless.

  15. :):) it sure has this effect on me and on Oscar:)


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