Thursday, July 30, 2009

What is?

Up Date: Bro got up feeling pretty darn good this morning. Not much discomfort at all. So glad! Question: What has a white beard, is bald, and is minus two big gall stones the size of meat balls and several smaller ones? Answer: My brother! He's sitting in my living room eating chicken noodle soup and looking not too much the worse for wear after his surgery today. Thank you all for your thoughtful wishes for his speedy recovery. It sure helped me through this day. *********************************************************************************** I also had my first ETSY sale today!
Below you can see the label I made for my Relaxation Bliss CD which I sold today! There's a lot more where that came from!
Relax and Enjoy Grateful Thursday!


  1. at first i read 'minus two balls' and got a soooo glad it all went well, and 'bro' will now get well soon with your special 'chicken soup'. YAY!
    and congrats on the sale. YAY!

  2. So glad he's well.
    Good luck with Etsy Shop.
    Take care

  3. yes, i too was taken aback for a moment. glad the bro is healing and am sure the yummy soup will help Love the CD cover and congrats!

  4. LOL at the way you put that. So glad all is well.
    Love the CD photo. Very clever! and congrats on the sale too.

  5. Okay gals, I reworded my descriptive sentence! Relax ladies! But glad I made you laugh however unintentional.

  6. Hello Lynn, you have had a real time there, uh? I know your brother is grateful for your care and love. It means a lot when there is someone who can help you over a rough spot. He must have been in some serious pain! I am glad he is doing well!

    Congratulations on your sales! This is wonderful news!

    Thank you for your visit to my blog today. I am glad you liked my litte back yard friend!

  7. SO glad your brother came through no worse for wear and has you to serve him soup! Hey, and congratulation on the Etsy sale!

  8. Thanks Kim and Kelly, Bro is doing well this evening too. Better and better!

  9. Glad to hear your brother came through his surgery OK! God bless him!

  10. Wow, while trying to catch up with some blogs I haven't visited in a while, I see you've been up to a lot! Congrats on the Etsy sale (I bookmarked it this time as I had forgotten it was you that did the memory quilts and I was telling someone about them the other day) and I had gallstones way back before they did laparoscopic surgery and boy, know that having family to help nurse and feed you is so mom made me the best home made mushroom soup I ever had...I might be able to find the recipe if your bro thinks that would be yummy...

  11. He will feel so much better, eventually. He is lucky to have a sweet sister to help him through this rough time.

    Good luck with your Etsy sale.

  12. Lynniskynni, say hello to your bro from me and I'm glad he got over that so well! May you all have a wonderful weekend, (and your pictures of your Friday walk are gorgeous, California is something so sunny and colorful)


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