Friday, July 31, 2009

TGIF and Photos From A Recent Walk

Remember any photos seen here can be on a blank photo card for sending. Just ask me. ****************************
I love Fridays as it's the first day of my weekend. I am spoiled with three days off from work. No idea what I'll do with it this weekend. We were going to have friends visit from out of town but they cancelled their plans at the last it's up in the air. A lot depends on what bro's needs will be too.
But whatever we do I know it will be enjoyable. As right now Life is Good!
Wishing YOU ALL a pleasant weeks' end and weekend!


  1. kinda nice to have a free and easy weekend i'd think. hope yr bro is healing well. didnt you say he was single?? lovely photos as usual. they feel sun drenched to me so i am getting vicarious sun/heat.

  2. Great photos. I love the fountain one with the frog in it. and other ones too but thats my favorite. Enjoy your weekend. Our weather is finally cooling off. Off to an Art in the Garden sale show this morning.

  3. Suki, bro is making his own breakfast this morning. So he is getting well quickly it seems.
    Yes, he is single. Interested? LOL
    Glad you like the it not sunny warm there?

    Cris, yes I found lots of frogs this trip. Enjoy Art in the Garden. I did. ;-)

  4. Lovely pictures Lynn! Love that Lantana plant!
    Enjoy the weekend. I love a blank agenda sometimes

  5. great glad bro is up and about. have a good one whatever you

  6. Sometimes the best thing to do with time off is what you just did. Go for a stroll and take wonderful photos!


  7. Again...another selection of fabulous photography! Wowie! :)


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