Sunday, November 29, 2009

Art Journal #1

This past weekend I created my 1st art journal. This 28 page tome is called
Family History 101
and is for my 16 yr old grand daughter's Chanukah gift.
The book is made from a 6" X 8" cardboard page children's book. I covered it in left over hand painted and hand stamped fabric that I found on my design table from earlier projects.
And I adorned it with a charm and the word
Imagine! This is the spine of the book.
And this is the back of the book. Some of the pages are covered in gesso and paint, some in paper and fabric. It opens to this double page with history about Kaeli's Great Great Grandparents (fraternal). My grandparents. Perhaps you can read it if you click on the photo and enlarge it. I tried to find stories that she could relate to like my father's entering military service at age 17 during WWI; or my grand father coming to this country from Russia at age 16 by himself, her age now. I have shared some but not all 28 pages as I decided to protect the privacy of some living and non living family members.
If you have followed my blog long you may already know all about me
so this is not news!
Here are three generations of grandmothers!
Yes, that is my Grandma's bag in the bottom left corner!
As an important part of sharing family history with Kaeli
I stressed the accomplishments of her elders. She is in her last year of high school
and is looking at colleges so I wanted her to see what other family members did
in their educational decisions, and accomplishments including what they accomplished in the arts.
So I used my self as an example following in the footsteps of my own grandmother who
was an accomplished seamstress, and my mother who knit and drew and wrote.
I want Kaeli to be inspired by the eldest and the youngest of our family members
who all have created in some way!
It was also a fun way to chronicle my own art work over the past two and a half years.
Now I'll have to make a book of it for myself.
I made up this little quote for Kaeli! And I added a pocket to fill with more photos (wallet size) of my art quilts than would
fit on the pages of this book. I hope to advance in my art journaling to use more drawings and stamps etc.
But for a first this feels good to me!
I hope you enjoy it too.
And of course I hope Kaeli will treasure it always.


  1. Oh Lynn.. what a truly special gift.. I know she'll treasure it!

  2. WOW what an accomplishment. That is really cool. Yes you do need one for yourself. I like the idea of keeping family info in a book like that and your artwork. Once again another fabulous project. She will love it.

  3. This is incredible!!! It is just beyond words what you have created for her! She will cherish it forever!!!!

  4. What an interesting gift this is!
    I enjoyed looking and reading more about you!
    She will love it it is a treasure!

  5. What a beautiful gift. And I can see that you have your own style now. Your quilts and other art have the same feel to them. Great!

  6. She will love this creative and heartfelt gift

  7. Lynn, this is a treasure. I am sure the entire family will want their own copy of this.

  8. oh lynn it gives me the cold shivers with delight, what a wonderful fantastic piece of work, i know she will cherish this forever, i know i would. you are the BEST.

  9. Lynn, I can imagine how much love went into this journal! Wonderful gift to be treasured!

  10. A very thoughtful and beautiful gift.

  11. awesome gift. I know she will love it. I love the way you so often bring family stories and photos into your quilts and journals and other artworks. Heartwarming.

  12. Lynn this is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure Kaeli will treasure it for ever. I can't believe it's only your first journal! I keep hoping to get started on one but really I'm waiting to get into my new studio. Fabulous post, you're an inspiration.

  13. Wow, what a lucky grandchild. I can't remember any relative ever putting that much energy into a gift for me. For that matter...I put a lot of energy into some gifts, but they pale in comparison to this outpouring. This looks like you worked on it for months.

  14. I am overwhelmed from the number of responses to my first art journal. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and feelings.

    Kelly, It was a labor of love, but took two plus days...a few days a while ago to prep some pages before I knew it's purpose, and two weekend days to make it once I knew. Thanks again.

  15. Wow! Liyy, you have a few very long yet meaningful posts lately.
    I am so glad you share with us your dear family journal.
    The happiest thing is to record and show others that we care our history.
    I am so so proud of you.
    I have checked the previous post, it's all about family gathering, the beauty of autumn!
    Thanks, I love that fun moments and the red & yellow this season...of all your shots and how candidly you have captured them Lynn.

  16. What an incredible gift. Now you have inspired me in return. I need to make such a book for my grandson who really knows little of the family history. Love your banner too; wonderful inspiration all over your blog!! Thanks.

  17. Yoon See, thank you for coming and catching up. Sweet of you.

    Judy! Oh my. Thanks so much for coming to see the journal. Glad it inspired you (what a thrill that is!) and thanks for commenting on my banner too. Much appreciated all.


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