Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday

I spied these girls on the rocks in our Town Square last week and could not resist snapping the pic. I wondered where 1-9 were!
And this lovely bloom was found on the walk near my office
on the street where I work. HBT!
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My next Art Project will be a real challenge.
I am taking a photo of my 19 yr old grandson in his full head of dreadlocks
and transferring it to fabric in layers to make a fabric portrait.
I have instructions to follow and have done this before (4 times) but it's one
of the most difficult challenges I have given myself to date.
I had to let half a year go by before I was ready to set myself up for the frustration
it would cause me again.
It may not be difficult for most, but I am terrible at abstract thinking
and this calls for that. I do better making up my own rules as I go,
but I want this to be right...
Wish me luck.
I have some fun ideas for his dreadlocks too that are not in any book,
just in my head. That will be the easy part I bet.


  1. Pretty camellia flower.
    I have faith in you to do the portrait. And I have faith it will be FABULOUS too!!! To much pressure??? LOL

  2. HBT. The camillia is gorgeous. You will do great with your project. I have great faith in your abilities.

  3. I can't believe I am reading nervous about a project! You who jumps in on anything that crosses your mind Don't even fret, it will go perfect and I will patiently wait to see the completed project.

    What a beautiful pink bloom!


  4. Beautiful rose

    Good luck with your challenge, shall keep an eye one ;o)

  5. Gorgeous flower, Lynn. The words that struck me were

    "near my office on the street where I work"
    Thats something I've been dreaming of for quite sometime. I am so happy for you Lynnie. Hope you've a great time with your job and your quilt project. I am sure you'll come out of it with huge satisfaction and gorgeous gorgeous art.

    Good Luck!

  6. I slipped on a camelia once and nearly broke my neck! I love them like this...before they become brown and dangerous ;)

    Cute pic of #'s 10 and 11!

    I'm looking forward to the 'dreaded' portrait!! LOL


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