Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holidays Are In The Air and Windows on Animal Wednesday

I took my noontime walk downtown yesterday and was overtaken by the holiday cheer that shouted from every window...this display won first prize and is perfect for Animal Wednesday! I had to reach out and touch these flowers that were indeed the real thing!
So pretty! This fellow has been working on these windows for several weeks now. I figure he must be being paid by the hour as he is taking his sweet time painting them.
I love Charlie Brown and his friends!
They made me smile!
And last night was the annual tree lighting ceremony
for this huge outdoor tree.
It really brings out the crowds.
I had to drive very carefully leaving my office last night
for fear of hitting someone crossing a street.
But there was nary a Chanukah nor Kwanzaa decoration to be found anywhere!
I guess I'll have to ask to paint our office window next year myself! Happy Animal Wednesday
Happy Holidays
How does the holiday season affect you?
If it's not your holiday how do you feel?
I know I have lots of clients who wish the holidays would just not happen at all.


  1. I love those rose looking Poinsettias they are so pretty. I love Charlie Brown too and I wish you would photograph the mural on top of the cafe as it looks very interesting. Fun pix.

  2. HAW Lynn, I love the windows done up for the holidays and the beautiful poinsettas.

    The holidays are fine for me. My Mother was a depressed bug through out Christmas each year and I didn't know why until I was 30 something. I finally confronted her for the way she seemed to try to destroy any holiday cheer. She had a legitimate reason to feel low but she took it to the extreme by dragging everyone down with her. I think she felt better after talking about it. I on the other hand was manic the other way, tried to make it the best of times for my kids since I felt like it was supposed to be a fun holiday. It has all evened out over the years. I really enjoy the lights of the season now. I hate to take down the lights we string up at Christmas.

  3. I love Christmas as an adult but as a kid it was really hard and depressing. I can still glean good memories from all of them thoguh because I insist on it :)

    I'm not Christian so the holiday doesn't have any religious bearing for me. I still try to get into the spirit of the season though and I try not to let the commercialism or the scrooges get me down!

    Fun pics of Vacaville ;)

  4. Thanks for the peek inside your world. I love looking in shop windows. Those Charlie Brown ones are really cute.

  5. I enjoyed your photos Lynn! I used to love Christmas - it isn't the same these days now that my girls have grown up and left home!

  6. I will decorate Sunday...
    Well I love all the lights with Christmas and for me I celebrate the return of the light and the fact the shortest day is behind us.
    That is what Christmas is to me. I am not a believer in whatever.
    I wish everyone could celebrate
    Christmas in it's own way and enjoy it.
    The religion teacher at Felix school (who happens to be my friend) asked Felix 2 years ago how he celebrated Christmas. he told her: we celebrate the end of World War II, peace on earth!
    I have no idea where he got that from!!!!! But I had to laugh when she told me and so did she.
    But why not, I think he made a very nice Christmas description don't you?
    Peace is certainly a common factor in many Christmases.
    I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas!
    And yes peace on earth wouldn't that just be great?!


  7. Marianne, I just watched a utube video about Jewish Grandparents explainging the numbers on their arms to their young grand children...adding up the numbers to mean life...and about remembering. it goes so well with your son's story of christmas being about celebrating peace and the end of WWII. Nice for me to see both those back to back here tonight.

  8. Those are great windows Lynn. HAW to you too.
    As for the holidays - I like the kitchy movies on TV, and the treats in the office and the time off - but I hate the stress of "having' to buy presents for people. We don't really do it anymore, but I did find it very stressful in past years.
    What kills me is everyone, everywhere celebrating Christmas and trying to say that it isn't a "religious" holiday. What a bunch of bull....Don't we have separation of church and state? How can a town light a christmas tree? that's not separation! At the same time, I love seeing the trees, and think the are fun and great - I just wish people would be honest about the celebration. It IS a religious holiday!!!

  9. I started opting out of Christmas about five or six years ago when I found it was more stressful than enjoyable to me. Now I am able to stand back and enjoy the pretty lights from a distance, knowing nobody is expecting me to put any up, wrangle any prickly tree or buy, buy, buy. I would like to get back into the holiday in a small way, perhaps by making or baking a few small gifts. I do like to cut out snow flakes!


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