Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Animal Wednesday Or Henry V BEFORE his Traumatic Time

Henry must have wanted to go shopping as he is pulling at my purse strings hanging out of my back pack here!
And then he took ownership of the new guitar's box which he felt was shaped perfectly just for
But then I started doing things like cleaning house
(an anomaly that only happens big right before company is expected)
and moving furniture around
and dragging things into and out of the garage
and then two little kids came to the house
bringing their own gear and high energy
and Henry high tailed it out the door.
Never mind that it was raining cats and dogs
and continued to rain and rain and rain...
He refused to come in.
Finally on Sunday in the wee hours of the dark morning
he told DH to let him in and he slept fitfully at his feet
but once those little kids feet came down the stairs
he screamed to be let out again
and never mind that it was still raining cats and dogs outside
He stayed out and stayed out and even long after
those little kids went home
he would not come in the house.
He came to the door twice,
once when I whistled for him
and later once when DH called him.
But he would not come in the door.
He ran off again and hid.
Only much much much later did
he drag is soaking wet
furry self to the door
and chanced entering his house
that place he once called home
And only then starving as he must have been
did he decide those little kids were gone for good
did he eat and then snuggle up on my chest
and hid his face in the crook of my arm
and stayed that way for hours
no doubt praying
that the house was once more his
safe haven. And that box?
Well it went home with those little kids! They are nothing but trouble
for a cat!


  1. I'm with SB! Poor Henry, so unfair! but I'm glad he's home again

  2. Oh Poor Henry. I hope he is bad to his old self soon.

  3. so funny. henry really does believe he is king of the castle and wants it all to himself. no wonder, if he gets to sleep snuggled in mamas arms.

  4. Ah poor Henry. Bet hes glad that doesnt happen to often.
    Oh my word verifacation is..'meness'
    purrrfect. lol

  5. This post is too adorable!!!!! Love it

  6. A cat's home is HIS castle, apparently!! After all he is HENRY V!

  7. Poor Henry. I love hearing abut him and seeing him in action. Jasper is also traumatised by children, especially over-eager ones.

  8. Awww, he's feeling lost after losing his bedroom priveledges. They don't understand change.

    I'm glad he's back home and feeling snuggly.

    Personally I run from kids too ;P

    Unless they want to sit and color. Then I'm all theirs!

  9. Oh Lynn...I just read your last 3-4posts! What a wonderful time with the grandkids! Such an awesome tim eof year! They are so lucky to have their grammie Lynn!!!

  10. Poor Henry. Luna can sympathize with him. HAW.

  11. Henry thanks all his fans for their sympathy! He is very much back to normal.


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