Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grateful Thrusday and More Holiday Cards

Solo Lolo sent me a wonderful ATC from her heart that she made for me for Chanukah and her Logo Raven flew it to me from the East Coast! What could be more Chanukah the Festival of Lights
than a Cactus Menorah all lite up with it's festive lights?
And this is the card she made to go with the ATC. See: ATC and a card to match! Aren't they beautiful? Thank you Laurel! I love them, all three!!!! ##### A new friend in blog land for me is Becky at Quilt Architect. Becky makes these wonderful LINO prints and put these on ATCs after asking me if I'd trade with her! Wow! Are they not amazing? I just realized I left one out and will add it tomorrow. Becky also makes these, what she calls, "Trash envelopes"! There is nothing trashy about them, but they are made from recycled materials. I think this was a cereal box. It was so pretty and the threads sewn on were tied together at the top, I thought maybe this was her version of an ATC and did not dare untie it at first. Then I wondered and took a chance... and yes, the ATCs and a note were inside this envelope. But it is a work of art in and of itself! Thank you Becky. And thank you so much for asking me to trade! ###### I've continued to produce my little holiday cards turning them out by the droves now... Some will go to friends and some to clients...
This is what I start with...
and this is what they become!
Happy Holidays to all of you
and please know I am so grateful to start and end
each day with you in my life!


  1. I am most grateful for you being in my life too Lynn. You are such an inspiration.

  2. I love those cards Lynn, so clever.

  3. Lynn, those cards are fantastic! You should make a bunch to sell on Etsy next year so you'll have plenty in stock. Wow!

    I'm glad you liked your cards ;)


  4. Some really cool Trades here. and you should have started earlier with those cards and had them on your ETSY shop. But most of all I am very grateful for having you in my life too. Very inspirational you are to us all.

  5. Some amazing trades here Lynn. Love the things Becky and Lolo made and of course your cards are wonderful.

  6. great in both the receiving end and the giving end. blessings, suki

  7. All so beautiful, Lynn! BTW...I LOVE your pic at top of your blog right now too!!! It speaks of pure love!
    I am praying I can get back to a "making" mode (when I can ever have time and free my brain) I can start to send all my blog friends all sort of surprises!
    I cherish everyone ATC you sent me! Love ya...Julie

  8. wow i love that envelope and i love lolo too. and i love your tree cards, and i love you too.

  9. Love ALL the art work. thanks for your comments.

  10. I love your holiday cards! I think I am most inspired!....possible you will see something similar on my blog if I can get motivated, cause I love your style

  11. Wonderful cards you are making!
    And great gifts you got there!
    I am thankful for the gift of friendship from you!

  12. Your energy continues to astound me. What beautiful cards you have made!

  13. Lynn,
    I just started looking through this blog and stumbles on this post about my ATC's. I usually keep up with your quilting blog. So I was really surprised.

    Lynn you have the most enthusiastic personality ever. You are inspiration itself.

    I have really enjoyed looking at all the art work you got done this year, and the video of your grandson getting his quilted wall hanging...Dreads

    You make art look like fun and not art'WORK'. I really like that.


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