Saturday, February 6, 2010

Belated Happy Birthday Surprise for Joss!

Joss turned 60 a few years ago and asked me to make her an art quilt to commemorate the celebration of THAT birthday! I'd only been quilting a short time, and it was such an honor to be asked to put sixty years of life into one long narrow length of fabrics to hang on her wall. Well, you've come a long way baby....
And now I have the honor of being able to celebrate a third birthday with my dear friend, who now resides in London, England...after spending a big chuck of her life in South Africa!
One more party...and I brought the ice cream!
Happy Sixty Two! And many, many good wishes
for many more birthdays!


  1. Oh Lynn, you just come up with the best ideas.

  2. Lynn, what a friend you are!! Joss will have been thrilled to bits with this, no doubt! Can't you just see that resemblance too - I mean the baby and the grown Jossie?!!! What a celebration she's had on the blog!

  3. you are a little darling lynnie, and my quilt is one of the most precious pieces i own. it is hanging proudly at the top of my stairs, so seen from downstairs and upstairs, it is commented on by everyone who sees it, taken down to be admired, and is in my will to go to maggie! you mean so much to me, always have and always will, so here's to another 62! (Not)! love you lots

  4. Amazing, friends across the water, drawn together by art and love...isn't the blogosphere wonderful!

  5. I think that was the first Art quilt you did and look at you now.
    Love the card. I see Joss loved it too. :))

  6. Oh I remember that quilt well and I know how much she treasures it!

    Three scoops of ice cream...yum!

    This is great Lynn ;)

  7. Lynn, where have I been??I went back to see things I had missed...I love it all, and the pictures are so sweet.
    The quilt is magic. What a wonderful friend you are. I am trying to catch up, it has been busy here in my neck of the woods.
    You know that I love all that you do all the time...Your, Mary

  8. Spectacular! :) Nothing better than handmade art!


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