Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cards For Sale!

PHOTO CARDS FOR SALE Click on photo to see photos enlarged.
Each photo will be mounted onto the outside
of a blank card with room to write your note or letter inside.
Each card comes with its own envelope for mailing and comes inside
an outer cellophane envelope.
Buy one or a set of five!
I've been selling cards on my ETSY store for awhile now.
I thought I'd give my blog friends first crack at some new photo cards.
If you are interested leave your email address in the comment section here or
email me at with your order.
Art by Lynn
I have posted my "Hay" Sixth Hebrew Letter on the ABC ATC Blog here.
Go there to see all the wonderful art others have made as well.


  1. Lynn, Your photo cards are beautiful. I've had wonderful compliments from people that I have sent them to.

    That photo of Henry V hiding out is too cute.

  2. I used to glue photos on my cards for years. Now I just print them on my computer. have you tried that? Although I think art looks good printed on a computer, not all photos do. I like them glossy the way you do them ;)

    Nice new group!

  3. These are great. I love them all. Henry hiding especially. :))

  4. these look wonderful! good luck with your sales ;-)


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