Monday, February 8, 2010

Cactus Monday and ...

So much for scheduling: Blogger posted this now for tomorrow! Oh well. Better early than not at all. I haven't participated in Cactus Monday in a while...then I realized I'd pre-posted for Tuesday and Wednesday but not yet for Monday..(It's Sunday evening as I write this)...So I got my trusty camera and went next door, as I'd been saving my neighbor's cactus plants for just such an emergency!
I like how the little red dots of spikes look like threads (to me) like loose tension on the sewing machine, cool. Maybe someone knows the name of this baby...I sure don't. But to me they are all just cacti. I am waiting for my kids to arrive from their weekend at Snowy Lake Tahoe, a three hour drive from here, expecting them in an hour and a half give or take a few depending on traffic. They borrowed my car, as it has 4-wheel drive, and their does not. I filled it with gas, got the oil changed and new windshield wipers for them on Friday. DH found the snow chains in the garage from our last winter cross country car trip. So they were set to go. We have dinner roasting in the oven, smells good. Maybe I'll get a few kid shots to add to his post. We'll see. It's been a pretty laid back weekend for me. Did a little sewing/creating...and just hung out. DH and Henry too. No complaints. They made it!
We got the kids into the bath and shower and into their PJs, then we all ate dinner together.There was time for dessert.And Grandpa got to show Aaron his 95 yr old accordion. The ones behind him on the shelf
are 100 years old.
Aaron loves music almost as much as he loves his grandpa!

Oh, we enjoyed being with the big kids too.

See me, See Happy Grandma!

Now they are on their way home.


  1. Those little red dots remind me of the little traction dots they put on the feet bottom of kids pajamas. It does make a Grandma happy to have kids at Home! I'm happy for you and HCM!

  2. You're such a good mom and grandma! who else would fill the car with gas etc etc. you really just filled up the whole car with love.
    Your house looks so comfortable and cozy and INTERESTING things around - I love it.

  3. I like those little red dots too. For some reason I am envisioning a spot on a quilt with little red dots of loose thread. So glad to hear Grandma is happy, cause when Grandma is happy everyone is happy.

  4. I just found your blog today and am about to look around. I feature a blog each day on my blog, and today (Feb 8) is your day. I love the four words to describe what art you make. All things I love, as I'm sure will my followers.

  5. Nice you had the visit and dinner with your Family to end a nice cozy weekend. the red dots remind me of dotted swiss material. I loved it as a kid.

  6. Good to see you having a happy time...HCM!

  7. Pak Art...yes, I see that too now. Kids feet! Sweet feet. Cacti feet.

    Mim, thank you. Sometime I'll have to blog about my "house shame" feelings. You made them go away today. Thanks.

    Lisa, yes, Grandma is happy! And nice of you to think quilt.

    Bluebeard and Elizabeth, welcome and thank you for featuring my blog on yours! Most interesting.

    And to the rest of you she is having a give away so you might want to go check out her art.

    Cris, I haven't thought of dotted Swiss in years, and yes, I see it too now.

    Deep, thanks, HCM to you too.

  8. Cactus with those sorts of spines scare me...

  9. I forget what that cactus is called. I always thought it was a Prickly Pear. I love how you described it so poetically!
    To me it looks made out of chenille. Those little prickles hurt like crazy though!

  10. After giggling about those little red dots reminding you of loose tension thread (who else would think of such an analogy!) I had to go get my cactus book to id what species of prickly pear this is and I can't find it! We have tons of them around here too.

    I guess you will have to call them red loose thread prickly pear!


  11. What a beautiful loving home...full of comfort and joy...your photos tell it all! :)


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