Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grandson Can READ and First Sign of Spring in My Backyard

You all know I had a short and sweet visit from family on Sunday...well grandson (age 5) came out of the bathroom holding this book and saying: "This says Paint!" He could read it!!!! I was so thrilled! They are so smart. And my grand daughter did her walk around the art studio and picked up a piece of this soft flannel fondling it lovingly and looking like she'd soon be asking if she could have it! We know where her talents lie as well. Of course she went home with it in hand.
This lone daffodil one of four bunches ready to bloom in my back yard poked it's pretty face out on Saturday, Feb. 6. 2010, but I saved it for Bloomin' Tuesday! Hopeful for those of you still mired in snow countries.


  1. Spring. Bah humbug. Who needs it. We love our cold snowy weather.

    lovely that GS can read, a whole new world opens up for him now

  2. Yep, I am still here ankle deep in snow. Not complaining though. We have electricity.

    Your Grands are quite grand. I enjoy hearing about their growing up.

    I can see how your Granddaughter was attracted to the flannel with the rosebuds on it. So sweet, like her.

  3. reading....such a wonderful, lifelong skill. How exciting. Love the flower. Yes, hope is yellow.

  4. that flannel is gorgeous, and he's 'reading'!! so exciting! the beautiful, warming face of that daffodil is a welcomed reminder of days to come...hurry up Spring!


  5. Oh how funny. I too posted some spring flowers and hoped the snowed in people back east were ok.
    Love it that G Daughter fell in love with something you had on your drawing board so to speak. and G Son can read now.
    Word Veri is lingr. they love to lingr around Grandmas. :))

  6. I lurrrrrve (love) daffodils!!!

  7. I'm so jealous of your flowers! We are under a snow attack here and I am simply sick of it.

  8. As one who is still standing in snow, thanks for that bit of Spring :-).

  9. How exciting to think they might be attracted to doing what you love to do. I'm so hoping that mine show an inclination for the arts or crafts. That would be so fun to spend Gramma time doing what I love to do too!

  10. I see that your grandkids enjoyed thier visit and that daffodil is lovely. Must get some as you don't see them around here much.

  11. that is just soooo eggsiting, i know how i feel every time one of the kids in my class starts. mazeltov! sorry i haven't been around much lately, not feeling my self right now. you are doing wonderous things with your new book project, so proud of you.


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