Friday, February 5, 2010

Cows, Cats, Kids!

Trading ABC ATCs is great fun and this week I got this "C" for Cow from CAT in Florida. Cat is very Clever, as is seen here in the envelope for the ATC which she made from a sheet of paper!
Mim in MASS. sent me this funny"D" for DOG in it's different
flip opening ATC.
And then I found this photo on Facebook.
My "other child", eldest child, son and his beautiful Wife!
Bride and Groom of two years look so happy! I'll be hanging out in my art studio today (the family room) at design table,
computer, and sewing machine.
Raining Cats and Dogs here in usually Sunny California.
Daughter and SIL coming to get my 4-wheel drive car to take kids up to
the mountains at Lake Tahoe to play in the snow!
Lucky grandma will then get to see them twice; once on their way up
and again Sunday on their way down the mountain.


  1. Glad that all is well at your place Lynn - always about happy family for you!

    The pic of that flower on your header - wow! So beautiful! Great that you are getting some rain too.

  2. I just had another look and realised that the flower is a 'leuchodendron' (not sure of spelling!)

    We have lots of them here in Australia and they make great dried flowers (you probably know all of this already!) I don't usually see them in those colours though, usually more of an aubergine colour. :)

  3. You are going to have a fun weekend. What fun ATCs too. I just love those envelops that Cat makes for atcs. I have been a copycat in that respect.

  4. What fun it must be doing this ATC ABC and receiving them in those cute envelopes too. See the family resemblance in the pic of your son!

  5. Love the ATCs. Everyone is getting so creative as time goes by. All those cute envelops to put them are so cool.
    Nice photo of your Son and DIL.
    Enjoy your Creative day. Cris

  6. That was ME Cris..For some reason my name comes out only Cris when I comment now and goes no where if you press on the name. Arrgh.

  7. great photo of the 'kids'! lucky you to get to see the 'yunguns' twice this weekend!

    glad you like the little envelope, :) I have fun making those and like to add them just in case someone wants a little something extra for artmaking, could be good in mixed media/collage work!


  8. Cat is so creative isn't she! Love the envelope too. Sounds like a fun weekend coming up.

  9. Lynn I just read that our studio's are much alike. I also have mij 'studio' in our livingroom, and I am working next to our laptop ;-).



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