Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bottle of Pills, Calms Nervous Nelly, + best friend= eye exam and treats!

Get up in the morning and take one Lorazepam 1 mg...proceed to clean house...feel self slowing down a bit, but turn to art quilt and find threading invisible thread seems easier than last nights attempts; also able to sew on remaining pieces until all pieces are now sewn on to NYP art quilt. Feeling drowsy...take one piece in need of hand embroidery and go sit to do this with ease. Return to sew it in place. Able to sew standing up some shiny buttons with sparkly beads to flower centers for more pizzaz and sparkle. Hamsa sewn on and arm in place.Tried couching green yarn for vines but found this task needed a clearer mind so will put it off one more day. A few repairs made here and there. Stood quilt up. So big and rather heavy. Will need strong curtain rod to hold it well. Back continues to look clean with invisible thread barely showing, and now a few dark green stitches for couching of vine work. By 2:40 I took the second 1mg pill and became more foggy. And figured it was not a good idea to continue quilting. Best friend Patty arrived to drive me to my appointment. I've been promised by the pharmacist that I will be good an loopy from pills as not to c are what doctors will do to me. (This Time) Well I am able to follow most instructions and pass test without too much resistance. Dr might not have said it just like that, as I did have some cringing reactions and demanding waiting periods between torturous things done to me. He seemed to have a tad more patience than previous docs. He was able to complete all tests. And he did tell me he could find no more tears in my eyes THANK GOD. I'm good until next year. He told me to please take three pills before next years visit. Patty held my arm as I stumbled out of his office. And we easily found our way to Fenton's. I still had my unused Gift card for this Grand Ice Cream store in my purse. A gift from Patty for Christmas. So in we went to assure all discomforts and traumatic events buried deep in my mind. She had a root beer float and I a small hot fudge sundae with coffee ice cream. I'd hope it would bring me out of my sleepy, drowsy, state! But I write this now through blurry eyes (probably from all the drops poured into my poor eyes earlier in the day. I dare say I Will sleep well tonight...and drats what the scale says tomorrow. I earned this treat! ! For now all physical tests are behind me and it seems to me i have passed all with flying colors. Good to go for another year! The only things I have not gained in aging so far is a sense of bravery and courage. They continue to elude me at least in terms of the physical body.


  1. Gosh, what a day! Lie down and rest..
    Glad the tests were ok
    Take care

  2. Get well soon Lynn! Hope u r on the run as always with renewed vigour!
    Take care:)

  3. I've never heard of this sort of eye test where you pre take some meds. Glad dear nurse Patty was there to accompany you. Would she mind coming to the east coast to accompany me to the dentist for my tooth pull?

    Hope today you are over it all and ready to see springs's beauty again. Exciting about quilt.

  4. Don't doubt your courage sweet lady...

  5. I hope you are out of your blurry stage today and are able to enjoy the spring weather. I went through such tests yesterday too. YUCK. I should ask for meds. Ha...

  6. after a ponder, i understood. the meds were to calm you for the exams. my SIL had to take such meds before dental exams.

  7. So happy to know you got thru with flying colors. Where can we all get a nurse Patty? What a gem she is. YOu did deserve that Sweet treat. I will give you that. lol
    Hope your eye feels better today.

  8. Jude, thanks, I pretty much conked out after I got home. Had no memory of eating dinner, but DH said I did.

    Deep, am not ill. It was just a test to make sure I had no new tears in my eyes like last years that needed lazer surgery.
    None found.

    Suki, I had to take the pills to calm my nervousness about the tests. They probe the eyeballs with a metal prong. That bothered me.

    Cori, I don't doubt my courage, it just takes a hiatius when I have this sort of thing done.

    Lisa, sorry you had to do the same thing. I hope all is okay in your camp as well. I have a few pills left if you need one. :-)

    Suki, yes, that was why!

    Cris, yes, everyone should have a Patty-Freind. I am so blessed. She is so good to me. And I am sure it was hard on her too as she also does not do well with getting her eyes touched either. It's nice to have someone hold your hand.

  9. Oh my........what torture!
    You relax and rest now dear!
    What a sweet friend to accompany you!

    Big hugs from me!

  10. Lynn that sounds horrible pleased that you got through it and have a year to recover....can't they put you out completely??? You so deserved your treat .......Lorna xx

  11. you poor baby!! this is such a funny post, you are still a bit out of it.

    Glad everything went well, and glad the drugs helped you cope.

  12. poor you, but also lucky you having your patty. lie down in a dark room now.

  13. Nothing like having some good drugs on board ;P

    I'm sure the doc numbed your eyes too, right? I always ask that he does the laser tenometry on my eys instead of that stupid puff of air that makes me jump! It really is hard to sit still when you know he's leaning something on your eyeball.
    So glad you're okay and that you had an ice cream buddy with you!

  14. I used to work for an eye doctor and I can understand your fears! It is very uncomfortable to have someone messing with your eyes. I used to be the one that would make the puff of air hit your eye - when we trained new staff I would have to be the "victim" because I can handle it better than most. Still don't like it though! Glad you got through it and the sundae was well deserved!

  15. You blog well for someone with blurry eyes. :)


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