Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday Night Bash Reviewed on Sunday; Lace & Denim Pocketbook and Happy Cactus Monday

Saturday night was date night. We invited my brother to join us and we three drove 70 miles from home to Placerville. It turned out to be a quaint old town, we saw art stores, art galleries, a knitting store, antique stores, enough to let us agree to come back in the day time when we'd have more time to look around. We were lucky to find a really good seafood restaurant/bar that served up a scrumptious dinner: DH had steamed clams, Bro had shrimp scampi and I had King Salmon scampi and we each said our meals were perfect.
Just next door was this delightful old fashioned candy store..
where we took a trip to our past and remembered our favorite candies from childhood...
and the guys filled bags to take with us to the show...
We landed at the Imagination Theater where the Old West Trio were more about them at this link...we had advance tickets bought on line for prime choice seats. Notice the cactus stage decoration behind the bass player, Leslie, for Cactus Monday!
Leslie and the two Steves! And they were oh so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a fun filled evening! And well worth the drive there and back! We all agreed.
My brother spent the night at our house and he and I spent most of Sunday
playing cards: Our game: Spite and Malice!
HE went home winner.
*********************** This is my most recent finished pocket book.
The cover is denim covered in lace, hand embroidered, trimmed in old fashion floral fabrics, embellished with a silver heart in the center, and flower and heart buttons.
Open it up to the first pocket and fine a knee hole patched with Moda fabric scrap.
And the pocket is in quilted cotton, denim, and lace...secured with a purple heart button and purple wound ribbon tie ending in a pink plastic heart.
Turn the pocket over to see it's back and the second pocket and it's flower button and purple tie
ending with a small purple heart.
Flip that pocket over to see it's denim and floral cottons quilted back; and the next pocket
with a shiny green button over cotton quilted floral pieces, and a tie ending in a small green heart.
Flip it again to see the back of the third pocket in cottons and lace over denim;
and the final forth pocket with it's pretty blue button again on a pretty floral and denim
patchwork quilt with tie and tiny heart.
One more turn to see back of forth pocket and the hand made paper fabric lining of the back cover.
And here you see it open wide showing off the back in denim and three strips of sweet small old fashion cotton prints
to compliment the trim on the front. This pocketbook is more square than my previous ones.
This pocket book is for sale here now for $25/free shipping.
You can pay by check or pay pal.
Whatever does not sell on my blog will go to the art gallery gift shop.
I have two more done to show soon done mostly in batiks. HCM
What did you do this past weekend?


  1. Sounds like some fun evening ! The book is really gorgeous ! About how long does it take you to create such loveliness ?
    This weekend was all about coming in for a landing for me after my week away. Back tot he routine today. Life is good though.
    Have a great MOnday !

  2. What a fun evening and the cactus if perfect for CM. This pocket book is fabulous with so much attention to detail. HCM.

  3. You just keep getting better and better at these pocket books. I love this one. Looks like a great time you all had. I bet those stores will be fun to go visit next time too.

  4. Lynn, sounds like you all had a super weeeknd! (And wasn't the weather accomodating!) Here in SF, we have now had FOUR consecutive days of sunshine and warmth! (I could get used to this!)

    I love your latest pocketbook....the colours, the lace....

    I spent my Sunday working at the Opera....a very different venue than yours.... but just as moving.
    (The new Impressionist Exhibit opened at the de Young too....but I won't see until it until I return from MA and KJ's YART Fair.)

    Big hugs to you and Henry V!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Kim, I spend 2-3 days on each book not including the time it takes to make the handmade fabric paper, that's another day in itself. But I make a batch (4 sheets last time, which are almost gone, so I need more now). There is time to select and sew down on felt the patchwork fabrics; then cutting out each pocket and cover pieces. Top sewing each of them in some decrative way/quilting them; then turning them into pockets sewing up their sides and lining them with the fabric paper; The next step is to hand sew the first pocket to the cover and then the next pocket to the first pocket and so on to the back cover, a process that makes for sore fingers and takes a few hours while watching TV. This is followed by choosing and sewing on buttons and ribbons. And finally adding any embellishments to the ribbons (beads) and or the covers front and back. So yes, a few days to accomplish all of this. I could add up the hours spent but then I'd realize that I am making slave wages and would get discouraged. It's best to just go on enjoying the process and if anyone one wants one well all the better! A work of love.

  6. HCM! Lovely pictures Love to see all that candy and I wonder how you get that Art by Lynn embroidered so neatly.....?

    HCM again!

  7. What a wonderful, fun evening!! It sounds like you're going to have to go back to Placerville soon! Your book is lovely! I can't wait to see the next ones done in favorite!

  8. Marianne, the Art by Lynn is written on the paper fabric in ink. ;-)

  9. Now that cactus is really hidden so well I almost missed it reading about the interesting and fun things.


  10. Love your Cactus Monday photo!!! Hee hee sure sounded like the most wonderful evening, Lynn!!! Your new pocketbook here is so pretty with the lace and small prints and denim! Have you ever thought of doing a steampunk one? I have just discovered what that is, and it is really pretty!!!


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