Wednesday, January 19, 2011

animal Wednesday

DH got himself a new chair...Henry claimed the 20 yr old recliner, which is NOW in the garage!
Happy animal Wednesday.
Do you know here your animals are?


  1. LOVE those buffalo! Henry now in the garage also???

  2. Tee hee, yes my animal is resting in the hallway hoping that at any moment her humans will get up to have breakfast and take her for a walk. Happy AW.

  3. my animal is in the comfy chair by the window that Dad used to sit in.

  4. My cat Daisy is in my lap leaning on my arm as I try to type. amd / its not easy...Do you notice how cats are always changing where they sleep?They never keep the same routine for long.

  5. Mim, I am guessing that Henry will visit the chair until we cart it to the thrift store to donate. That is his new den.

    Lisa, hope your animal got his walk!

    Suki, our animals appreciate old lived in chairs!!!

    Cris, wonder why this is?

  6. I love that Henry cat !
    Happy Wednesday !

  7. You are sure having fun with those buffalos! And Henry is just having lazy fun adopting his chair.


  8. HAPPY HUBBY, with the new recliner!!!!! :)

    How did you like seeing the mixed media art quilt featured in Cloth Paper and Scissors newsletter that had a knitted peice sewn into the quilt and free hand sewing over top!!! I sure hope you saw it. I loved the merging of the two!

    My animals are in their "positions" for the night...Doozey on couch, and Baby cat in bed with hubby!!!! :)

  9. ooooh, is that a Mission chair??

    Do you know it was a recliner that was making my husband so sick (20 years ago.) He'd eat most of his meals reclining which caused severe esophogeal ulcers!!!! I told the doctor he was doing this and he couldn't believe Bri wouldn't admit to it.
    The recliner was tossed, hubby eventually got better :)

    happy happy Henry!

  10. Oh, Bliss (the cat) in in the Queen Anne's chair on her bed by the dining room window and Emma is in her bed by the front window in the studio :)

  11. Lolo, my DH does not recline to eat. He sits up straight. We only recline on Passover! (lol)
    Yes, it's Mission style, the chair.

    Julie, I did go look for the knit/quilt mix you suggested. Very interesting. Are you going to make one like it?

    Fun to picture everyones pets in their special places!!! We'll see where they land next Wednesday!

  12. How did I miss this, Henry I love you! Kisses.xoxo


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