Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Okay, What's Your Excuse for Not Exercising?

Remember the old adage when you were in grade school: "My dog ate my homework!"? Well, yesterday I went up to get on my treadmill to do my morning exercise, but I couldn't! Here's why! I guess the sweater I had swung over the top of it when I took it off the night before fell to the floor of the treadmill and Henry thought it made a very comfy bed! I hadn't the heart to wake him.
Last week I caught him napping in the sun on top of this patio furniture cover! And needless to say DH was just a tad disgruntled when he came home from a hard day in the classroom to find Henry V having taken over his new chair. (My mom did the needlepoint on that pillow) Sometimes Henry is NOT sleeping. This is him after having run and skid over the laminate floors attacking scraps of fabric from a recent project. He is so proud of himself. Happy Animal Wednesday! What can your animals brag about themselves today? ************ PS: Please note that I tell Henry each and every time you leave him a message or toss a kiss his way or proclaim your love for him as so many of you do. Nothing goes unnoticed by King Henry V!!! ****************** Also, I dare say he is learning to talk and understand some commands. "Sit" gets him to settle down on my lap much more quickly lately. A certain "meow" from him means "good morning" I am absolutely positive of it, and another different one with a bend of his head means "water". Perhaps we must say that I am being trained well.


  1. I love the excuse of the pet sleeping on the exercise equipment. how about a pet blocking the door to go outside???

  2. This is a funny post Lynn. Your question really hit a nerve for me. I walk every day with Luna but I really need to do something to make myself more flexible. I am stiff as a board. Nothing holding me back except I am a bit lazy. That Henry deserves all the loving attention he can stand. Happy AW.

  3. Henry melt my heart every time !!!! Give him several big smooches from me on the top of that furry head !

    Azzy and him are very alike. When the water is too low in the water bowl, he goes and scratches it, making a ting, ting, ting sounds until I obediently go and fill it up !
    Love those furry kids !
    Happy Wednesday !

  4. Ah, that Henry! Mon Dieu! I particularly love his expression after his romp across the floor!

    I miss having an animal around....when I had Bofie, I used to love to run with him through the huge park in Inwood...

    Now, I must be content with an occasional visit....

    I revel in looking at all my Blogging Family's pets - so am happy Henry receives my kisses!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Now that's the best excuse not to exercise I have ever heard!!! :)) He's a cutie. HAW

  6. henry is regally beautiful lynn. there is something about the way cats live their lives that is such a good lesson for people (and for impish little rabbits too)

    btw jb is loving her 'wallet'. i see her picking it up and looking at it, tenderly and with curiosity, just about every other day. it was a very special present for her and i thank you again for it. ♥

  7. Your post reminded me of something that happened to me. My dog ate my glasses. When i called into work they gave a giggle( Sure Mary).
    I have a exercise bike sitting behind looks so important, but unused for awhile. Henry is adorable, and so loved. Hugs, mary

  8. I am so in love with this cat! I've always adored a solid tabby anyway.
    Hey, I think I'll start strewing my clothes on the treadmill! LOL!!

    I miss my beach walks in Pacific Grove :(

    HAW to you and that gorgeous boy!

  9. He's a perfect excuse! Who could disturb a king like that?

    Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my other blog .... It felt like having a friend pop in to say hello and stay for tea or something :)

    P.s. I won't be having any excuses since I love the water so much ... Up til now I have had every excuse in the book .... Except for a sleeping kitty of course :)

  10. P.s. The quilt in progress is using tea bag paper and pictures from a seed catalog and an old threadbare sheet. Didn't have to buy a thing :)

  11. Henry knows whose house it is for sure. i am impressed by your exercise equipment. wow.

  12. Mim, that excuse will work fine!

    Lisa, yes, we all have to keep moving to keep our joints well oiled.

    Robin, Henry sends you his love!

    KJ thanks so much for letting me know again how much the four pocket wallet is being appreciated.

    Mary, I hope your dog did not become ill from eating your glasses!

    Lolo, Henry wags his tail your way.

    Kimmie, tea was delicous as was all of your photos...sugar to my tongue. And I've done dryer sheets but not yet tea bags. This is scrumptious looking.

    Suki you are only seeing half of it...there are four large pieces up there. Not all get used anymore.

  13. What an excuse!
    Henry V is the best in finding comfy places to sleep!
    please give him a hug from me :)

  14. Ah, that Henry knows how to live the good life!! Keep up the good work Henry!

  15. OMG, what a cutie! No, of course you couldn't wake him while he was napping on your treadmill - that would have been cruel. He seems to be a sleep expert!

  16. How cute! and how very Cat! Make a bed out of anything and think the world revolves around them. Love DH's new chair!


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