Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Bogus Snow Day...NOT! And My Friday at Home!

I was like a little kid waiting for Santa Claus last night...I must have gotten up to look out the window four times at least all night long looking to see it the snow had fallen as the weather people predicted it would. It was raining. It may have been hailing for all I know, but there was no white stuff falling from the sky. And this morning after the rains stopped the sun came out and dried up the walkways. This was my view from our front door! Disappointment, sigh! Well, Friday is a non-work day for me and I was excited to be home and to be able to continue knitting on the baby blanket. I hope this is what "knitting in the round" is supposed to look like, as I have never done it before! I am following directions; however, my corners are not coming out well...I have to slip the marker, which I finally realize (after being told) that it goes from one needle to the other, and NOT to be tied onto a stitch...but my increases and knit stitches on the pearl side don't seem to be leaving my markers in the corners when I come round the next time. ????? I figure the baby won't know the difference so I am not too worried about it!
You can see the beginning of the off white first stripe that goes around the nine heart squares. And the cross stitching done between squares that I did a day or so ago.
Later I will put a back on the "wrong side" to cover those loose strands of yarn.
The center part really looks good
and I have plans for making some soft felted buttons for the corners of the squares!
I have 12 rows of stripes each of which is eight times around the 358 stitches.
This will take up many an evening to come. Henry is basking in the sun coming in the window.
When I needed a break from knitting I went to my stash to collect colors
for the next color palette at the 3creative studios color palette challenge
and fairly quickly threw together this little art journal quilt. The top layer is a sheer with sequins over satin (black)
followed by a cotton print
followed by more sheer and
some blue flannel.
(colors: black, varying shades of blue, yellow/gold.)
Art Journal Quilt #10
The top pieces are sparkly gold circles and scraps from a commissioned quilt
of silks from India. The sparkle does not show well in the photos. Just
take my word for it!
Now, back to knitting! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
I wonder if we are really going to get snow?


  1. hey I'm a little bit confused as to why you are knitting in the round on a blanket. Is it the edges for the entire blanket? if yes, that makes sense to me. As for the markers not being in the same's all about counting, counting, counting!

    Good luck, can't wait to see the finished piece

  2. I know nothing of knitting so can't be much help. I've always thought the directions for knitting and crocheting look a bit like hyrogliphics! The blanket is coming along nicely, it looks snuggly warm. If you really want snow, maybe you should come for a visit!

  3. Will you be cutting it down the middle (I think that's called a steek) when you're done? That's what the norwegians do and it takes a lot of guts :)

    I don't get why your marker would be shifting like that ... Except that when your working in thevround and come back to the beginning, the last stitch and the first one ofthe new row never match up ....

    It is looking really really beautiful! I love the colors!

  4. This blanket is so pretty. I dont know how its going to be a straight blanket when your knitting it in the round but I guess you will figure it out. Boggles my mind. :) And our so called storm of the century bombed out too. Oh well..we know how to prepare anyway.. :))

  5. The blanket is turning out so cute. Great job Lynn.

  6. I have no idea of knitting...but that seems a pretty piece of art. The journal looks good too...
    Wishing you the best!

  7. What will you do with the journal art quilt??? Just curious if it will go on the front cover of an actual journal, or does it tell a story like a journal does??? It is making me think of night and snow!!! Sorry no snow actually came...but glad you had the day off anyway! Your heart baby blanket is adorable...I am lost all the way around with knitting. Sorry can't give any assist there. Hope your Sat. was a good day too, and Sunday to come!
    xoxo- Julie

  8. Hi Lynn,
    You seem to be forging ahead with the knitting. Are you knitting in circles or just from left to right?

  9. Mim, the directions tell me to knit in the round. First I did the nine squares and attached them to each other in a big rectangle. Then I added on stitches all around that.And now am adding stripes in garter stitch by knitting around one round in K and one in P. Yes, those are a twelve stripe "edging". Ill post a photo of the whole thing soon so you can see.
    I think I have the markers down now. I don't have to count just slide them when I am told to do so.

    Pak Art, thanks for the invite! Someday, wouldnt that be fun!

    Kimmie, I saw directions on a different pattern for cutting down the middle, but no, this is a blanket and thank G-d no need to cut!!!...Glad you like the colors, me too!!!

    Cris, when I get to a corner on the knit row I increase two stitches so that keeps the blanket square! Once off the needles it will all lay flat.

    Kate, thanks!

    Deepa, thanks for saying it looks like art! I think so too. And I will be adding to it to arty it up a bit more!

    Julie, I am a little lost about what to do with all these art journal quilts myself. I joined a challenge to do one or more a week for a year! This is #10. One woman did turn hers into covers for little books with paper tablets inside. We shall see.
    Glad you saw the Night in this one. Me too! And yes, I am enjoying my weekend fully. Today I am going to be with my grand kids!
    Nothing better than that!

    Judith, I am knitting around in circles. The heart squares were done right to left on straight needles. The rest is done "in the round".

  10. You are a busy girl. Your knitting delimmas are some of many that put me off knitting. I can't follow directions nor can I give them. I like your quilt. I see a couple of sparkles in the photo. No snow for you.


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