Monday, February 28, 2011

This Sunday!

This Sunday I drove to the City (San Francisco) with my daughter and grand daughter. I had a Groupon for membership at the Jewish Museum at half off and needed to redeem it so this was the day! DH had too much school work to get away and our grandson had come down with the flu. So it turned out to be girls day out.
There is this huge long wall of photos from the local Jewish community!
My grand daughter found George right off as we went looking for the Curious George exhibit.
But first we visited the drop in art activity room where we were given a table of art supplies and were told to create animal figures to decorate a paper tote bag!
I was amazed how GD created her leopard collage entirely by herself! She has quite the artistic eye and imagination!
I created this cat tote to take back to my grandson.
Mom and daughter hard at work.
The children were given a box with questions and cards to find specific
things and places in the exhibit.
I loved how she identified things she knew from having read most of the books
before today.
We were not allowed to take photos in the exhibits.
This is us on our way into the fantastic exhibit of an authentic Torah scroll all
hand written out at the museum by a female scribe. It is quite usual for the Torah
to be written by a woman. We did not get to meet her as she has finished the work,
but we could see the completed Torah and we saw a video of her doing her work
and talking about it. Simply fascinating! There are also many beautiful rolled Torahs to see on display as well.
If you are in the area I cannot recommend this highly enough.
I love the buildings!
Can you tell that she did NOT want her picture taken with Grandma?
There's more to the day but I'll save it for later this week!


  1. looks like a lovely day for you all, who i note are NOT wearing long undees, down jackets and snow boots.

    Thanks for the shots of San Fran buildings and also for the heads up on a most interesting museum. i would love esp to see the handwritten Torah.

  2. It must have been one of those girlie weekends. I went to a Craft Show with my daughter, sister and cousin. A great day to be out. I haven't done anything like that for such a long time. It was great fun so I know you enjoyed your day.

  3. Looks like a perfect day out for 3 girls!
    Must have been wonderful Lynn!

  4. What a special day you had. Girls day out. but even a little special creation for Grand Son. Bet he was jazzed. Look forward to more pix.

  5. What a wonderful day and it looks beautiful and sunny too.
    You GD is quite the little artist, she must get that from being around her grandmother.
    I would love to go to those exhibits you went to. So far away though.
    Thank you for taking me.

    That SF building looks like a transformer.
    I am so glad you all had a great day and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the day later.

  6. lovely day - and I love the new shorter haircut for your grand-daughter

  7. Your GD is so pretty. Aren't they funny about photos sometimes? It looks as though you had a fabulous day out and the artwork is just wonderful - yours too!! Super building photos too.

  8. This looks like a fun day, as did your day at the Farmer's Market! If we ever get decent weather I'll venture out too. I'm envying your sunny weather, but I know they just had snow in San Fran, so no one is spared.

  9. Sometimes I get a pang when I see mother/daughter posts. Maybe because I lost my mother fairly young, and also because I never had children.
    This sounds like a perfect day! And your GD is so darn cute with that flingy sassy!

  10. Suki you are right the sky was blue, the sun was shining and it was warm out. The so called SF snow storm never happened!!!
    I wish you could see the torah scroll and the video of the woman doing it it is awesome!

    Lisa, I'm glad you had a fun girl/family time too!!!

    Marianne, yes, it was!

    Cris, Grand son did like his tote kitty!!!

    Marie S. Thanks for giving me the word Tranformer! I knew it looked like something out of Si-Fi but I couldn't think what!

    Mim, I'll let GD know you like her do!

    BT, yes, they can be a bit of a struggle to get those photos sometimes! They are so used to me with the camera as part of my hand!

    KJ, there was NO snow in SF to speak of really!!! Don't believe them!

    Lolo, please feel free to borrow my grandchildren and come enjoy these outings with us! There is enough love to go around.

  11. I have added a link to a story about the female scribe of the torah in the middle of this post where I talk about seeing it. Scroll down or go here:

  12. What a wonderful day. And it is clear that talent runs in the family!


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