Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Felted Buttons!!!

I felt my new blanket needed a little arty addition from me (Kristin's design is fantastic, but I wanted to make it more ME) I got my felting machine out, a green piece of felt, and the array of wool pieces I bought in an art store in Fort Bragg last December. The colors happen to match the blanket perfectly. I cut them up and felted them to the green piece of novelty felt. Then I added strands of Lion Brand Woolese yarn I am using to knit the blanket. And felted them down to the wool and felt. I went over all of it with my sewing machine to secure it further in place.
Then I cut out different shapes and "washed them" by soaking them in a bowl of water over night to see if they were going to shrink. I put them in the clothes dryer next. They did not change shape or size very much at all.
Now you see them dry.
And then I sewed one using purple yarn after punching two holes so it looked like a big
button between the heart squares.
I know from my six year old grand children that when they were babies
they liked bright colors and they liked things they could grab on to. These soft buttons will serve
this purpose and will be perfect so the new baby can lay and sit on them comfortably!
I love how the colors all come together!
For anyone interested to know more about the female Torah scribe that I wrote about yesterday can scroll own to the middle of that post and find a link to a story about her and what she is doing at the Jewish Contemporary Museum in SF.
You might also enjoy reading this article about other female Torah scribes. ******************


  1. Those buttons will add so much personality to the afghan Lynn. Bravo.

  2. These buttons are just the ticket! This blanket is going to be well loved, I'm sure of it!

  3. Its almost as if baby can use either side! I wonder which side will be her fav. you are inventive. wonderful to think of baby lying on your colorful blankie and gooing at the world.

  4. They are very cute and really pretty:)

  5. When you die you need to leave your brain to science to be studied...ts always going a mile a minute thinking up so many cool ideas. :))) At first I thought this was going to be the backing. Baby is going to love this. Mama is too.

  6. This heart blanket is so beautiful, the buttons are a lovely touch. xoxo

  7. You just keep those artistic thoughts running 24/7 don't you??? This is going to add so much and that baby is gonna feel she is in heaven!!!

  8. These are amazing, and what a clever idea! So cute. You never run out of creative juice!


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