Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doll Clothes, REAL Dolls, and Games!

LAST SUNDAY continued: As grandmother's go, I am the kind that has to come bearing gifts. It's just how I am. I know My daughter wishes I'd stop already, but it's not going to happen. When I saw my cousin Barb who came from Colorado to visit her dad/my uncle Harry, she was crocheting doll clothes for her grand daughter's 18" American Girl dolls. That inspired me to go on line and find some patterns I could crochet for MY grand daughter's new American Girl Doll! So I made this outfit: beret, poncho and skirt. I was thrilled to see they fit perfectly and my Grand Daughter loved them> My sweet grandson has a much loved little 12" blue bear and he asked me if I would make him some clothes too. So I am back to looking for patterns in a smaller size! ;-) When we returned from our visit to the Museum, which Grandson had to miss because he was feeling under the weather I stayed a while at the house before heading home.
They enjoyed playing together (GD grudgingly sharing the set of embroidery floss cards and beads I gave her/them) making friendship bracelets and necklaces.
You can see some of the floss by his knee. He is the sweetest little guy on the planet. When his sister and mom went to the store we got some special time together. We played several games I brought them. I was thrilled to see him picking out letters to write sentences. One said: "____sisters name, is being mean!" She was!
He also told me:"I want to come sleep at your house!" I told him to tell his parents and I hope it happens soon. I love having both of them to ourselves at our house!!!
It was a sweet day last Sunday! HAW 2.


  1. Since he was I'll that day you might want to have a day with him alone sometime. Make him feel a bit special, he looks like such a loving child

  2. I thought of that too as I read your post. A day with grandson just himself. Poor tyke had to miss out on all the fun. You are the greatest gram in all the world.

  3. You made this outfit for her doll? WOW. its wonderful. love the seagull photo.. all of them in fact. GS will be tickeled to get his bear clothed too. :)

  4. Such sweet kids! He looks pips as we would say. Hope he recovers soon and that they will come for a sleepover soon.


  5. They must love yuou lots Lynn! The best Grandma ever!

  6. As gorgeous as that sea gull is in the last photo, the beach succulents are better!!! :)

    How awesome that you crochetted those clothes for American Girl that Molly??? My daughter had Molly, who has glasses, but were frequently lost!

    As always, you are a whirlwind and put me to shame!!! LOL.
    xoxo- Julie, (way over here on the other side of the country)! When I retire, I am coming to live near you so you can teach me everything you know...hehehe...

  7. Really, this is the very useful site for me. My sweet daughter is very much liked to play with doll. So I collect many types of doll clothes and store in my house. So, Please keep up the nice work and give me some ideas about it.

  8. My mother used to make all our clothes when I was growing up and I learned to sew by making clothes for my dolls. I never kinitted or crocheted anything, however, and your littley outfit is adorable. Too bad the little guy wasn't feeling well.


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