Thursday, March 3, 2011


Remember on February 1st I posted this yam that I started to let flower?Well it just keeps on going and growing... I thought it looked very pretty on this little table by the front entry way. This table originally sat at the foot of stairs that led up to bedrooms in my childhood home.
The table held the telephone. They were black and boxy then with a dial.
I used to sit on the stairs and talk on the phone to Patty across the street for hours.
Later on there may have been a boy crush who'd call and then I'd drag the phone into the closet
where my mom kept the vacuum cleaner for privacy.
I'm glad I still have this table.


  1. Your yam looks so healthy. You are lucky to have this table full of memories.

  2. I love that table and tale of your telephone! We had a big black boxy thing too and I remember dialing in the number to the radio station over and over trying to win a prize! Who knew yams were so pretty? I didn't!

  3. Wow. Looks like it will take over the house soon!

  4. Who knew these could look so pretty on a table. Wonder how long it would grow. Do you know? I remember telephone tables with those back box phones that dialed.. oh and Party lines too. Sharing lines. We've come a long way baby!! LOL

  5. Amazing I have never tasted a yam!
    Cool the plant is growing like SF!

  6. Objects that bring back such vivid memories are keepers! I smiled thinking about you in the closet...

  7. I have some furniture from my grandparents and a few things from mom and dad but not that were in the house when i was a kid. nice to have.

    the yam is a treasure.

  8. It looks like an alien invasion :)

  9. A pretty piece of furniture and so many memories attached to it... The plant is so so pretty as well:))

  10. You just revived a whole bunch of memories! Those rotary phones were our connection to the world!!! You were lucky to have a closet for privacy. Our phone was on the wall in the kitchen, right behind my Mom's chair in the living room. That yam plant is sooooo happy! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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