Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Art of Aging Gracefully; Sharing Art with Harry and Mimi

On Friday DH and I drove to visit my dear Uncle Harry and Aunt Mimi...We all get so much joy out of our MUCH LOVE is shared back and forth... I took my art journal from our recent road trips to show them... and they both showed so much interest. It was fun telling them of our travels this way.
They got a kick out of some of my drawings that I have since added to the journal as well.
Aren't they just the most beautiful people!
I always love photographing Mimi, my mom's youngest sister, now 92 yrs young,
under this photo taken of her around 1945.
I think she is still that beautiful today.
After spending time from noon to evening with them; my cousin, their son and his wife,
came by and we decided to stay for dinner.
We went over to the big dining room where they used to go daily before
moving to the assisted living complex.
Since it is rare that they go there anymore they were greeted so warmly
by so many friends.
Here my cousin Mel helps Mimi with her dinner choices decision.
My cousin Neil is a huge help to them in all ways.
It really did feel as though we were sitting at the
King's table; as person after person came up to
kiss and hug them hello!
I hope we get many many more such visits in the months and years to come.
And then we drove home into the sunset
(of our years too)


  1. What a lovely post. I always like hearing about your visits with your aunt and uncle. Pleased everyone had a great time.

  2. I can feel the love oozing out of these photos Lynn. They are as bless as you are having one another.

  3. Don't they look so well!!
    I'm sure they did enjoy reliving your trip with you....
    Take care

  4. What a lovely visit you had. I wished I lived closer to my Aunt and Uncle. They are the same age as yours and doing wonderful. Both still drive..go figure.. and my Uncle will be 93 next month. He is also on the internet. Love that they enjoyed your journal too.

  5. dear lynn, such a lovely, sentimental are one lucky lady with so much family to cherish and to cherish back...i know you realize this fully...your aunt is beautiful, i was thinking it as i was reading before your photo popped up of her with her younger self...almost more beautiful in her wisdom that seems to glow...your uncle harry is charming through the dim screen, he shines with his wit, i can imagine he is very disarming to the ladies!! ;)

    much gratitude for your comment as well, as always, they are very appreciated. xox

  6. These are very amazing and fortunate people.
    My Dad is 92, but doesn't even know it. Or me.
    You are most fortunate also, and I'm happy for you.

  7. Such a sweet post and so full of love. We should all be so lucky.

  8. Teri, my sentiments exactly. I had handed the journal to my uncle first, who was sitting across from Mimi. He started to look at it...looked up over to where she was sitting. Closed the book. Stood up slowly...moved his walker/seat over to be next to her and put the book in her lap and then they looked at it together. It was such a statement of his love and concern for her.

    Babs: Mimi has dementia too. We think she knows who we are and we know she knows who Harry is, but other than that she is losing that knowing. Harry on the the other hand is still very very intact. We are so blessed. And they to have each other after 66 yrs of marriage this month.

    Cris, they don't drive anymore. They have curtailed their lives to a very narrow spectrum. But still they smile and laugh so it's still better than the alternative in my book! My uncle does say they are bored a good amount of the time; and they both sleep a lot.

    Linda, my uncle has always been so charming and is such a GOOD good man. And yes, the ladies all adore him; and the men like him a lot too. ;-) They respect and admire him.

  9. I love your stories of Mimi and Harry - they are wonderful people and I'm so glad for you that they are nearby and you can enjoy visiting them. She truly is beautiful - isn't she?

  10. Your cousin Neil looks so much like Uncle this his son???

  11. my heart is in my throat, lynn. this is beyond precious. how blessed EVERYONE is in this family circle.

    it is a special joy that harry and mimi have oneanother in this way. they and you are lucky.

    and not doubt your uncle harry and aunt mimi are wonderful. it shows in their faces.


  12. I love when you write about Aunt Mimi and Uncle Harry - they are such lovely people. I hope for you that indeed you will have many more such visits. Your last pohoto is so beautiful.

  13. Julie, funny that you think N. looks like Harry. He in fact adopted him when he married Mimi. N. was about 2 yrs old at the time. Mimi had been widowed very young in her first marriage.

    Thanks to all who have commented here on this post. I am so touched that my family connections can be felt and appreciated by so many. It's nice to share the blessings.

  14. Wow. Mimi looks great for 92!


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