Monday, July 18, 2011

From Saturday To Cactus Monday

On Saturday, as we often do, DH and I went out perusing garage sales. It's such a fun time for us; time together; enjoying being out in the country side (see animal sitings on Animal Wednesday; and more flowers on Bloomin' Tuesday posts); I often find things to be used in art making and once in a blue moon DH comes home with a find beyond his wildest dreams. Such was his good fortune this past Saturday when he came upon this guitar in mint condition with an asking price well within his means and when he got home and looked it up on the Internet he found that it currently sells for many times what he paid for it...Boy, is he one happy camper!!!! I came home with an arm full of baby dresses and like new onesies for our grand baby who is due in about four weeks a couple of days from now. And lest we forget that today is Cactus Monday we stopped on the side of the road to shoot these happy guys:
Also, just to let you know (again) what a special guy I am married to, we'd driven by a field of sunflowers on the freeway a couple of times in the past two weeks and this past Saturday he found a path to them in a nearby town; pulled over on the side of the road out in the country to let me out to take photos with my new camera!
the sunflowers went on for miles and miles
as far as the eye could see.
;-) And enlarge this last photo and check out how many water drops you can see from the spray of the sprinkler I did not even notice when I was taking the picture!
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Wonderful photos Lynn!! The cactus is so foreign to us here--how lovely this would be to just to see them everyday...

  2. Those are the most interesting cactus. They look like a lot of stovepipes stacked together. The sunflowers are beautiful. They scream summer to me.

  3. Beautiful Blooms.
    Beautiful Cacti
    Beautiful Sunflowers.

    And a great guitar to boot.
    Great Day.


  4. What a great find your DH got and finding that field of Sunflowers for you and priceless. Great shot of that cactus with the water spraying too.

  5. Did you pick any of the sunflowers? The temptation would have been much to great for me :)

  6. great about the guitar and baby clothes.

    esp love the cactus/water photo and the fields of sunflowers. hmm, to be a bird.

  7. I was just wondering when that baby would be born - hope she is feeling well. and lovely that it is a girl and you can get pretty things for her.

  8. The sunflower fields are so beautiful! Love the giant cactus in the falling sprinkler water...
    Congrats to your hubby on his new find!!! You guys found some good stuff...granddaughter will love her new "finds"!!!

  9. Seeing as I'll never get caught up on all the posts I've missed, I'll just comment on this one and try to stay current!

    Wowee on the guitar find!! I know he'll play some pretty tunes.

    You must be getting excited about the new baby. I love baby things.
    I still want to go yard saling with you!

    Wonderful shots you're getting with that spiffy new camera!

    HCM and HBT!♥

  10. love the sunflowers, and that cactus!


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