Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hummers, Heart Shaped Fig Tree, Healthy Blooms on Happy Bloomin' Tuesday

This little guy/or gal comes to visit me when I am hanging out in my hammock in the back yard. H(she) actually sat on the rope of my hammock (with me in it) for a long five or so minutes sitting, primping, long pencil thin tongue darting out and in, two red iridescent spots on it's breast glowing brightly. Henry was sleeping between my legs and I feared he'd wake and pounce. So when Henry moved just the slightest bit I yelped and Henry jumped down and hummer flew on...Whew...but what a wonderful visit it was.
Can you see the heart shape my fig tree
has taken on since it's major pruning
earlier this year?
My red-orange trumpet vine is in full flower!
These beauties were around a fish pond at the senior complex where my aunt and uncle live...
I know I keep saying this but the details my new camera picks up are quite pleasing. My cousin who sold cameras for his entire adult life (and just retired) said we got a great camera with an exceptionally good lens! Nice to hear! Even taken in the dusk of evening they are beautiful.
This morning glory is in our front yard! Greeting the morning sun.
I thought the folds in this bud waiting to bloom
looked like a fabric dress skirt!
I hope your gardens are in full bloom
and bringing you much joy! Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!


  1. I too am enjoying the photos you are taking with your new camera. I can see the heart shape of the fig and the beautiful layered skirt. Happy Blooming tuesday.

  2. Nature is just so full of interesting things...the pink flower in last pic does look like folded crepe-like material. The fig tree is a stretch for me on the heart...but yeah...I can kinda see it!!! cute girl you!!! GREAT photos with the new camera, BTW!

  3. I also agree that your camera is fantastic and definitely takes incredible photos. I love the way you were able to capture the hummingbird. And that tree/bush has turned out very heart appropriate!

  4. the visit from the humming bird--wow, magical. i think she had some speacial soul message for you. love you photos.

  5. Can't believe how you 'captured' that little hummer!!!! Aren't they wonderful??? I'm fascinated with them and the monarch butterflies - could watch them for hours on end. Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. What great photos you took. I DO see the heart in the tree or of the tree.. I love the hummer shot and wow.. he sat on the hammock with you & the cat in it. That is amazing. I had a hummer who seemed to like me in CA and would follow me around and get down to ground level to check me out when I was gardening or over visiting a neighbor. Would fly by and touch me slightly with his wings when outside too. He knew I was feeding him. Seems your little guy likes you.

  7. Hello Lynn, thank you for always remembering me, cheer me up and visiting my blog.

    Your love and friendship are truly appreaciated.

    Wow! You have got a new camera Lynn, the blooms photos looked fabulous!

    You also travelled around...I really admire you, having well planned time to do all creative things and visitations too.

    Take care, will be back to check out more!

  8. Lynn, thanks for sharing your garden with me. I had a wonderful time meandering throughout. And how nice that you've made a new friend out there! My garden is resting for now. Perhaps getting ready for it's next show.

  9. lovely photos ..and amazing little hummingbird ...x

  10. Beautiful blooms, delightfully captured !

  11. Julie, squint! The tree looks like a big heart at top and V at bottom trunks. Squint again. It's there! ;-)

    Suki, I will stay in tune to hear the "soul messages" from the hummer.

    Cris, getting a brush of feathers from your hummer is really special. Maybe they are our long lost relatives reincarnated!? ;-)

    Thanks to everyone else for coming to visit me today! Hugs to all.

  12. Awesome pics, Lynn...esp with the humming bird:)

  13. Beautiful flowers! It must be nice to be able to go out and enjoy them. I am not leaving the house until this heat wave passes, so I have no idea what's going on in my backyard!


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