Friday, July 15, 2011

Back To Vacation: Day Eight Leaving Sheridan, WY

On Day 7-9 of our Road Trip we met up with my cousin's husband Mike in Sheridan, Wyoming. Mike drove up from Denver, Colorado with his dog Buddy. We had a really good dinner together (Salmon grilled on a wooden plank); and joined a Calvary Marching Band after dinner! We said goodbye to the Grand Tetons (which was not easy to do) and headed out the next morning to Fetterman Fort and Battlefield. Mike came here because he wanted to experience the battlefields in this area with my dear husband...because my DH is an historian and knows just about everything there is to know about such things! So the guys...
and the dog, walked around the monuments...
...and studied the maps of the battles of times past
and talked and talked about who got killed where, how many soldiers and how many Indians died here or there...
You can't see me but I am hiding inside the compound of the fort watching the guys and aiming my arrows at them!
Buddy made a friend along the trail too...
I was more interested in the beautiful skies and clouds...
and the wild animals in the area... I captured some of it in my art journal too. You can click on the picture to make it bigger and see the details...
and I rested in front of important historical sites... While the guys argued some more about who fell where and why...
and we walked on and on over these sad lands where too many lives were lost
over land that everyone knows belonged to the Native Americans
and we treated them so poorly,
I always feel so ashamed when we visit these parts
So I kept looking for the beauty around me
because thinking of people being massacred was not so much fun
in between the different disputes and stories of wars
fortunately there were plenty of wild flowers growing in abundance to see, smell, photograph and enjoy!
and more wild horses...
lupine and arrow roots
enjoyed while the guys fought their wars
and we walked and walked
where the dead were slain
and I stopped to smell more flowers
and they argued over more possible scenerios
and we visited the dead and paid our respects
and saw where Custer fell
and I drew about it and wrote about our day and at the Rosebud Indian Reservation
we learned of more sadness
and finally parted ways.
Mike went back home; and we traveled on to
Stay tuned.
I have photos and stories to tell yet.


  1. I always feel sad when we visit these battlefields/cemeteries also...but they are in general well kept and beautiful areas.

  2. That 3d map you posted was pretty cool... I agree leaving the presence of the mountains is so difficult!

  3. interesting day. battles and flowers and clouds. the joy and the sadness.

    i liked the 3D map with little clay people and bridges on it.

    and the wild horses.

  4. If I didn't read your words I would say "how beautiful", bit I am guessing there is alot of ugliness with all that history too.

  5. How nice they could get together to rehash the past. Yes it was a sad time really. Love the horses and the blue heeler and the scenery. Your journal page was even better in person.

  6. You certainly crammed in a lot in those few days you were gone. Love your journal pages. I know how you feel about those battle fields. It gives you a sadness that it must be as it was. It just doesn't make sense.

  7. I always have those feelings when we visit the forts and battlefields too. Wounded Knee especially. It's a tragic part of our history. I think the best thing to do is appreciate the natural beauty of those places and push for their preservation as beautiful and natural and wild places.

    Montana is coming up .... And that is my favorite state. Next to Washington of course ;)

  8. I'm glad you were able to find beauty in a place where so many tears were shed. I feel as you do, my heart breaks for the ignorance and prejudices that destroyed so many lives.

  9. Awesome pics Lynn!!!The cloud pic looks so cool...the header one is GRAND! Colourful journal pages:)

  10. My DH would have loved the discussion with yours - but I'm glad you stopped to smell the flowers - much more important!

  11. I'm with you Lynn...the flowers and the sky and the clouds and the animals would have had my attention too. Not because I think we should forget the past...but because I'm so drawn to the beauty that surrounds us. Wish your MT trip took you up this way! Some day!!

  12. I had rather depressing feelings as well when we visited Little Bighorn. However, I do like how they pay their respect and tribute to the Native Americans there. It was very moving.
    Your art journal is gorgeous. What a wonderful memory you have created here!

  13. Thanks for sharing both your joy and sadness.


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