Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Visit With Cris and Con in Oregon July 2, 2011

On July 1 we drove to Ashland, Oregon were we had a short but sweet visit with my paternal cousin Betsy (88). Betsy took us out to a lovely dinner in a great restaurant called Sesame across the street from Lethia Park. after dinner we walked through the park enjoying the blooming rhododendrons and the roaring waters of the high creek. Later we returned to her house and met up with her friend Sharon who is a quilter and we shared quilt talk. And then
...on July 2nd we drove further north to Roseburg where Cris and Con reside. It's always fun to pull into their driveway and have them come out to greet us...lead us into their oh so pretty garden and where we sit and chat... I tried to show this in my art journal on this page: Being with a friend met by blogging
through her blog; Cris, Artist in Oregon; and actually sitting in her kitchen
talking and catching up in
the friendship we keep alive
the rest of the year through
emails and sharing on our blogs
something quite special.
It's also nice that our husbands seem to hit it off too
each time they are together! I love taking photos around their yard where you see the actual bird houses she and Con build and other art they acquire or make to decorate their yard. I remember reading on Cris's blog when she bought this particular sun umbrella... and about the birds who chose this house to dwell and have babies in... of course her huge array of white and yellow daisies always remind me of yet another blog friend Teri C. Cris' garden is alive with color and life
and her beautiful roses
and fountain
She is sweet enough to spend time looking at my art journal
and it's always fun to go into her studio and see her art
Thanks Cris for being my friend!
Until next year!
See you in blogland!
;-) ******************
The bottom half of my art journal shows how we headed out that evening to our
friend Sam's in Glide, Oregon.
More about that visit later!


  1. What a great time-I think we develop closer friendships online--so it's an added bonus when you can actually meet up in person.

  2. What a treasure your friendship with C&C is. Your journal does bring this day alll together. FUN.

  3. you guys look like sisters in that last photo. so nice you have kept up the visits in person.

  4. I recognize that place. lol oh its mine thats why. It was a lovely visit. To short but still fun. I love the journal page you did.You even got Annie in there. But you forgot her pink ball she is attached to.. LOL oh and I notice you got Fred Meyers in there too. :)) A must to go when you come to this area. Blog land sure is fun. Our Friendship from it has been fun & special too!!

  5. You have been having such a great summer of advnture, Lynn ! So wonderful that you got to spend such a special time with your friend from on-line too. Love making those connections in the real world!
    Happy Trails !

  6. I'm glad you two had a good time together. Cris has a most beautiful yard and is an excellent gardner.

  7. Meeting an on-line buddy is fabulous! The Inet is such a beautiful thing for communities of like minded souls. To make friends, and then actually meet them "in person" is such a blessing! Looks like a beautiful time was had by all!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  8. It is such a joy to meet a blogger friend and see all the things in person that you have seen on their blog.

    And those DAISIES!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  9. Awwwwww! How lovely! I enjoy seeing your get-togethers. Great pix!

  10. I was gonna say you two look like you could be sisters, but Suki beat me to it!!!

  11. What fun to develop such lovely two are sisters of the heART for sure...:)


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