Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Henry Says Hi and Oh Look At All This Local Wildlife!

As you might expect Henry was quite miffed at us for being left at the Pet Hotel for yet another five day stint when we took off for Oregon over the July 4th long weekend. (a mere week between that trip and our two week road trip prior) He barely looked at us when we went to pick him up, hid in fact behind some boards in the room...he's warming up more now since it's been a while at home. But he becomes skittish if we even look or act like we might be going somewhere, then he skedaddles quickly upstairs to hide. But he is here today to wish you all a happy Animal Wednesday!
These animals were found on our day out and about last Saturday...we live about five miles from where we found these chickens in a friendly man's backyard (DH was looking over his tools for sale in his ultra neat garage, while I perused his livestock...)
We drove down a country road spying this fellow on his horse. He got further and further away but the 24x optical zoom on my new camera caught up with him anyway... That's a field of sunflowers on his left.
This guy down another road just stood and stared me down!
I like how my camera focused on the wire fence and left the livestock a blur in the background.
Looks like a nice painting to me, no?
This graceful ostrich found some shade to cool off in.
I never cease to be amazed at who we find in our neighborhood.
This of course is one of our beloved burrowing owls...a young one.
And this, is NOT an animal but looks like it might be a goose; a kind woman sold it to me for ten cents freshly picked that morning from her garden! We ate it for dinner and it was delicious.
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. That last photo is amazing! And all of your animal pictures are great - I love those chickens!

  2. Wonderful variety of animal-pictures!

  3. Love those chickens. They look like a picture to me. HAW.

  4. perhaps it is you who are a goose! LOL. wonderful animals in your area, really amazing.

  5. Lynn, Thank you for Henry! But what on earth is he doing in that photo? :-). Kisses.
    Wonderful photos.xoxo

  6. I think it is so funny the way our pets let us that they are unhappy with our absence. Even Sunshine does it.
    Hi Henry.


  7. Oh poor Henry.. I thought he might be skitterish after the second trip away from home. He will forget tho. You KNOW I love the Chickens. All the photos are lovely. I love the owl too.

  8. annie, Henry is waving at you while actually bathing!

    Suki yes, I am definitely the goose!

    Cris, and of course I thought of you when I saw those chickens!!! but if Lisa thinks they are her then so be it! ;-)

  9. Great variety Lynn!!
    Poor henry V, my cat wouldn't do well boarding. We have to have pet sitters for our two high maintainance kids!

    HAW a day late :)


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